Fifteen Spatulas

When you hear “grown up ants on a log,” what do you think of? The quickest guess my mind comes up with is some sort of alcohol-spiked peanut butter. But for this recipe, there’s no peanut butter in sight. No raisins either.

Earlier this year I went to an event at the Pinterest offices in NYC that celebrated the release of the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook, where the Beekman boys gave a presentation and we ate a bunch of the delicious recipes from the book.

To be honest, if I saw this recipe in the book just perusing through, it’s probably not a recipe I’d be inclined to try, but that night Alejandra and I cleared out a whole platter by ourselves.

Last Friday I made this pasta recipe on the Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda to help support a good cause, the Pin a Meal, Give a meal program. I went on the show with my friend Bridget from Bake at 350 (who made these scrumptious Sugar Cookie Bars with Strawberry Glaze), and we’ve been working with Land O’Lakes in their mission to donate 3.5 million meals to Feeding America (which I told you about in this post).

Please help us donate meals by using the following “pin it” button to pin my leek gratin. Every time you pin this recipe, you will donate 10 meals to Feeding America! You can watch our Today Show segment here, and the full recipe is below.

[Updated from the archives with new photos and writing. Originally posted March 2011]

I recently got an email from someone asking me to do a video collaboration, and she said that since I post so many cheese recipes and clearly love cheese so much, maybe we could do something with cheese.

I turned to my husband and asked him, is it really obvious that I love cheese this much? The look I got in return said everything I needed to know. I’m well aware that I enjoy cheese, but I didn’t realize how much I make with it. I guess technically I do have a drawer in my fridge that’s solely devoted to cheese.

These cheese straws are one of my favorite ways to let cheese shine. They are really elegant and could easily be served at a party, but make sure you prep plenty of them, as these will disappear quickly.