Fifteen Spatulas

I’m one of those people who can’t stand to throw away wasted food. I try very hard to find ways to use up everything I buy because otherwise it feels like I’m throwing away dollar bills AND something that was grown to feed somebody. It is inevitable that this happens sometimes, but I’ve gotten much better over the years at finding ways to pair things together in fresh new ways.

I called this recipe “Crazy Good Celery Salad” because it’s a recent Save-the-Leftover-Celery dish that I have become totally obsessed with. I love celery and buy it pretty often to make potato salad, egg salad, soups, etc., but I find that often I’ll only need a couple ribs, and the rest of the bunch goes to waste. One day I set out to find new celery recipes and I discovered this celery salad from Ina Garten. I changed a few minor things, but overall I had discovered something delicious that also fixed my leftover celery problem.

Adorable onesies that Auntie Julie of The Little Kitchen sent me. Every time I pick one of these up, I have a WHOA moment. Soon I will have a baby wearing these clothes!

Hello at 21 and a half weeks! Pete and I found out that our little baby bear is a baby boy, which we are thrilled about! It was easy to be pleased since we had no preference between boy or girl. Isn’t it the best when you’re excited about all the possible options?

This week I started to feel little baby movements in my belly, which is the COOLEST THING EVER!!!!! Wow. This must be one of the highlights of pregnancy, and I can’t get over how cool it is (while also mildly freaky). I just can’t wait to meet my son. I wonder what he will be like…what kind of person he will be, and even what he will look like! Between my and Pete’s genes, there’s really no telling. Our baby could technically have blue, hazel, green, or brown eyes. That’s kind of crazy to me! What will he look like?

Going through pregnancy for the first time has been amusing, because it’s such a mishmash of every emotion possible. Most of it is excitement and cheer, though there has also been some impatience, and a little bit of fear too. My most recent freakout was when I realized that my baby is fairly big now, he’s only going to get bigger (a lot bigger), and there’s only one way out….

I’m pretty sure Maple is the best flavor of all for scones. There’s a possibility I’m biased by the time of year it is, being smack dab in the middle of November, but maple + pecans is lovely.

What’s striking to me about scones is all the different ways you can make them. Some with cream, some with buttermilk, some crumbly, some soft and extremely fluffy (like these English scones). These buttermilk scones are somewhere in the middle of soft and crumbly. They’ve got a sweet maple glaze on top and some chopped pecans. Perfect for fall!