Fifteen Spatulas

Okay, so I could totally just eat the crispy goat cheese, but the brussel sprouts are good too! But I feel really tempted to name this “Crispy Goat Cheese with Warm Brussel Sprout Salad” because the goat cheese is definitely the star!

Goat cheese is a little tricky because I find that different brands of goat cheese vary sooooooooo much. Some goat cheese are kind of crumbly, whereas others are super creamy. Then some have so much of that goat “funk” flavor that I find it to be overwhelming, whereas some are a bit more mellow. My favorite goat cheese for this is the creamy, mild kind.

Fifteen Spatulas has a fresh new look! It has been in the works for nearly 9 months and I’m SO excited to finally debut the new site. Functionality is more or less the same, but the new site should be faster, better organized, and easier to use, all thanks to Lindsay. YAY!

Celebrating this new design feels right with CORN DIP! This is total party food. I make this recipe when I have friends over, or when I’m going to someone else’s house…especially during football season! People go absolutely crazy for it. I promise you will make new friends with this dip.

There are times when I want a dark chocolate peanut butter cupcake, and there are times when I want a more delicate flavor, like these Framboise cupcakes. The flavor here is actually more aromatic than something you really taste.

If you don’t know what Framboise is, it’s a raspberry liqueur. I’m not a big drinker, but I have always been a big fan of cooking and baking with alcohol, and Framboise is one of my favorites! It smells so fruity and gives the cake a really feminine quality I love.