Fifteen Spatulas

Reason number #849734 that the internet is a wonderful thing: online baby showers!

Today I am bringing these Pink Lemonade Thumbprint Cookies to the interwebs for a virtual baby shower in honor of Catherine from Weelicious. Catherine has the cutest family and shares tons of recipes and lunchbox ideas for helping kids eat wholesome foods, and I can’t help but be so excited that her family of four will soon be a family of five. Let’s celebrate!

One of the things that Catherine focuses on in her food is making colorful recipes that use natural colors. So I decided to do a Pink Lemonade version of one of my favorite cookies of all time, Jam Thumbprint Cookies. The color is completely natural and they have a pretty pink color!

Whenever I see peppers on sale for a couple bucks a pound, I buy a TON. Because seriously, peppers are normally $3.99 or sometimes even $4.99/lb. Why are peppers so expensive?! I don’t know if it’s because they’re hard to grow or if there’s not enough of them, but generally speaking their price keeps me choosing cheaper vegetables most of the time.

Stuffed peppers is one of my favorite dishes to make for dinner, and most of the time people seem to like the red, orange, or yellow bell peppers as the star. I really prefer the green and find them to have a more interesting flavor. I also think the red, yellow, and orange bell peppers can be a little too sweet for stuffed peppers, but of course, use whatever bell pepper you want here. They all go so well with the quinoa, eggplant, and other goodie ingredients inside!

Happy summer, friends! How did you spend your first day of summer? It was totally by chance, but I spent the day knocking a little bit of travel off my bucket list. Coca Cola Life invited me out to the Hamptons for a Tasting Table event, and I finally got to experience a taste of the Hamptons. Here’s a peek at the festivities!

Coca Cola Life has been taking part in a bunch of Tasting Table events this summer (like the Lobster Rumble event I went to a couple weeks ago), and this event was a Pool Party at a house in Sag Harbor.

What surprised me the most on my drive to the Hamptons was seeing how wooded some of the areas are. Not what I expected at all! The house we went to was tucked fairly deep into the woods and even my GPS was like, where are we?! All the houses felt very private.

Once we found the house we were greeted at the door with some tasty cocktails: