Fifteen Spatulas

To this day, if you go to my childhood home and open up the refrigerator, you will find bags of scones in there, made by a bakery called Sconehenge. Located in Berkeley, California, and I devoured these absurdly delicious scones all throughout my childhood.

My dad still has access to these scones since he lives in the Bay Area, but it has been 9 years since I lived in California. My enjoyment of them has been limited to brief Christmas and summer visits. I remember a few years ago I tried to recreate these scones, and endlessly searched the internet with phrases like “Sconehenge recipe,” Sconehenge copycat recipe” and “how to make Sconehenge scones.” Nothing came up. It made me crazy!!! I couldn’t figure out how these scones were so different…soft, fluffy, pillows of wonder.

The mystery was finally solved when I went to England last month and tasted an English Style Scone. I took one bite and thought, THIS TASTES LIKE SCONEHENGE!

Then the “duh” moments poured in. Sconehenge…a riff on Stonehenge…which is in England…oh gosh. The things you realize AFTER the dots have been connected.

(This post is Part 2 in my Two Weeks in England series. Check out Part 1 if you missed it)

(The legendary Octopus appetizer at Lima)

Today we’re moving from York to…LONDON!!!

Pete and I allotted one of our two weeks in England to spend in London, and I still don’t feel like it was enough time. There are ENDLESS places to visit in London. We managed to see everything we HAD to see, but certainly not everything we had on our list. I vow to return!

London is an incredible city, and one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to. Top-notch museums, attractions, markets, boroughs, and incredible restaurants abound in England’s capital. I can’t say enough, what a great place.

This post originally tried to cover all of London, but as you might expect, it was a VERY long post. So, today will be dedicated to food only. In my next post I’ll tell you about what we visited and where we stayed.

Goodness it’s HOT lately! It’s the kind of hot where I don’t even want to go to the pool, and would rather sit inside by the air conditioner instead. I’ve been getting by with lots of ice and cold drinks!

Earlier this summer I created and filmed four non-alcoholic drink recipes that are fruity, colorful, and refreshing, and I wanted to share them here. They’re all very simple and each one has its own character to it. The triple melon sorbet float is fruity and fizzy, the strawberry limeade is perfectly sweet and tart, the homemade raspberry vanilla soda is aromatic and bubbly, and the cantaloupe agua fresca tastes like the most wonderful fresh melon water. Here are the recipes and videos for each. Hope you enjoy them, and stay cool!