Hi, I’m Joanne! Welcome to Fifteen Spatulas.

On my blog you’ll find approachable recipes from scratch, made with real ingredients.

Cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be fussy or complicated!

About my cooking style:

I threw up nearly every night of my freshman year of college and had severe gastroesophagael reflux problems.

After an endoscopy and a series of GI doctor visits, the doctors got me exempted from the school meal plan and told me to start cooking my own meals.

So that’s what I did. I rented a car every week, drove to the grocery store, got my ingredients, and cooked myself meals in the communal dorm kitchen.

Making the switch from horribly processed cafeteria food to homemade meals completely fixed my stomach illnesses and taught me that my body needs real food.

That’s how my cooking style came to be: food made from scratch using whole ingredients.

Irish Cream Brownies with Caramelized White Chocolate Buttercream

What does that mean?

I’m equally all in for ingredients like butter, kale, and everything in between.

A lot of people make claims about what is healthy and what is not, and for me, I believe in using whole foods and natural ingredients, which means checking that the chicken breast I buy isn’t 20% phosphate chemical solution.

People villainize foods like sugar or butter, but I think it’s totally cool to enjoy these things in moderation.

About the Fifteen Spatulas blog:

I created Fifteen Spatulas in 2010, a place where I show people that cooking from scratch can be approachable, worth the effort, and wildly delicious.

I’ve got step-by-step photos and tons of videos for my recipes so you can see what the process looks like.

I also try to focus on explaining the how’s and why’s of cooking.

For example, why patting a steak dry before searing can be the difference between a good and bad steak, or how to cream butter and sugar properly, and why it can directly determine how light or heavy your cake turns out.

I believe when you truly understand what’s happening on the stovetop, that’s when you become a great cook.

All written content, recipes, and photographs are created and run by me, unless otherwise noted. And yes, I promise I actually eat and love everything that is on this website.

If you’re curious about the more technical stuff behind this site, like the camera I use, lenses, etc, see my FAQ section.

Mexican Corn and Black Bean Salad - Perfect summer picnic and potluck recipe

Why I love food so much:

One time in college, my economics professor said that having to eat really annoyed him and he wished there were a 2000-calorie pill he could take once a day instead.

I instantly knew I would hate that man.


For real though, I believe food is at the center of everything good in life.

Food is pleasure, it’s self-care, and people have bonded over shared meals since forever.

A comforting recipe for a cozy dinner! This Cheddar Biscuit-Topped Barbecue Chicken Pie is creamy heaven.

My love for food came from my mom.

I know a lot of people say that, but my mom made me a borderline food snob.

In my childhood home, it wasn’t uncommon to see fresh dungeness crabs crawling around in our kitchen sink, picked up 30 minutes prior from the San Francisco fish market and ready to be cooked into a thai curry crab stir fry.

I also ate everything from authentic Korean food, to beouf bourguignon, to the best darned cornbread in all the land.

When you grow up eating delicious things, you never want that to end.

I love to cook because I love to eat wildly delicious things. If you feel the same way, you’re in the right place.

My whereabouts:

Although I’m pretty sure my soul wants to live in Manhattan forever, my husband Pete and I just moved out of NYC to a little suburb 90 minutes from the city, and 30 minutes from Philly.

We blame James for our switch to suburban life, but he’s totally worth it.

You can read all about the adventures of James in the Baby section.

Contact Me:

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