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Ooey Gooey Rocky Road Cookies

Ever since the idea of rocky road cookies popped into my head a month ago, I have been tweaking recipe after recipe so I could come up with a cookie extraordinary enough to be posted on my website.

…because let me tell you, I don’t post ANYTHING on here that I don’t think is COMPLETELY scrapeworthy and delicious).

These cookies are complete ooey gooey chocolate goodness (I mean, flourless chocolate goods usually are).

And the marshmallows on top are all crispy and golden brown on the edges and gooey in the middle.

Just like if you roasted them on a fire!

You might be wondering why we don’t just mix the marshmallows into the batter, and the reason is they sort of melt and disappear that way.

The golden brown crispy shelled marshmallows on top make this cookie truly incredible and rocky road-esque.

Ooey Gooey Rocky Road Cookies

Yield: 2 dozen cookies

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 12 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes


3 cups powdered sugar
2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 tsp salt
3 extra large egg whites
1 tbsp vanilla extract
2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
2.5 oz sliced almonds, toasted
1 cup mini marshmallows


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F, and line two sheet pans with parchment paper.

In a large bowl, sift together the powdered sugar and cocoa powder. Whisk in the salt. Add the egg whites and vanilla and whisk until combined. Stir in the chocolate chips and almonds.

Use a disher to portion out small mounds on to the parchment paper, then top each cookie with 4-5 marshmallows. Pop into the freezer for 5 minutes to chill slightly (this prevents them from spreading too much in the oven).

Bake for 12-13 minutes until the marshmallows are golden brown. Let the cookies sit on the paper for a few minutes to set, before moving them to a wire rack to cool. Enjoy!!!

Recipe adapted from Creative Kitchen

182 comments on “Ooey Gooey Rocky Road Cookies

  1. Omg omg these look so insanely good! I love rocky road, or anything chocolate. I need to make these asap!

  2. These look INCREDIBLE… just like you said. I made rocky road a while ago, and it was probably the most delicious thing I’ve ever made – it is so incredibly simple. This is such a great idea. Yum.

  3. Be still my hungry heart! These look incredible and definitely scrapeworthy. It’s been way too long since I sunk my teeth into an ooey, gooey, richly chocolately cookie. Might be a good hurricane recipe to try out . . . as long as I don’t lose power!

  4. Love all the lumps of goodies in these cookies! Rocky road is such a classic flavor and these cookies look amazing-thanks for sharing.

  5. Will definitely be making these!!! Question- did you buy the almonds toasted already or did you do that yourself?
    Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Sometimes the almonds are already roasted, but often times they are not. Either roast them in a 400 degree oven for 10-15 minutes until they are golden brown (shake the pan every 5 minutes or so) or you can toast them in a dry skillet over medium heat until golden brown. I recommend the oven method over the pan method though! Enjoy the cookies!

  6. Nice photos, thanks.

  7. Those are incredible cookies! I have to say – they are most certainly scrape-worthy! Not only that, your photos are amazing….as usual!

  8. They’re like little chocolate pizzas – so cool!

  9. Those cookies look fabulous! I think I would have a hard time just eating 2!

  10. Yum! Wow these look absolutely incredible!

  11. Oh my goodness. Those look amazing.

  12. I just made these tonight…they are ooey gooey indeed, and as delicious as can be!!!

  13. YUM!! What a great (easy) recipe! Good even at high altitude :) Thanks!

  14. We made these last night. They are delicious! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  15. I’m gonna try to make make these today because as expected, the last of the pumpkin clouds I made have already gone earlier today!! :) These look like they won’t last long too but I guess that’s a big part why I love baking using your recipes – they are all so good! Thanks!

  16. No flour? No gluten.
    They look really good!

  17. Have you made these without the parchment? I didn’t have any so I lined a cookie sheet with foil and lightly oiled it. Then, I let the cookies cool completely. But they were impossible to remove. I couldn’t even fold back the foil because the cookies folded with it. And I couldn’t get a spatula under the cookies. They just smooshed everywhere. I ultimately threw all of the smooshed mess away (after picking off the deliciously browned marshmallows and eating them while I cleaned)…
    What do you think went wrong??

    • Hi Jody. These really don’t work without parchment, as you unfortunately have discovered. Foil, even if it’s oiled, is not a good surface to bake on. You need some sort of Silicon surface for these, so you need that parchment paper or a Silpat. So sad you had to throw them out, I’m sure that was very disappointing :(

  18. Another awesome recipe and so easy!! Ooey gooey for sure- thanks again!

  19. Dang it! These are beautiful. I determined I had to make them today! No parchment paper? It’s fiiiiiine…..after I put the first batch in the oven (on TINFOIL), I saw the comment about how tin foil doesn’t work. Dang me! Luckily I was able to get them off the tinfoil before they had cooled too much, but the bottom layer still stuck. So, they are edible, (thank the heavens) but not presentable. Ma’ bad! Maybe I can get some parchment paper and save the 2nd batch. Anyhow, thanks for the recipe!!! I love the toasted marshmallows. It’s like a smoore.

    • Hi Kendra, LOL oh no! Yeah, the parchment is so important here. I’m glad you were able to mostly get them off the foil though. The toasted marshmallows are my favorite part =)

  20. Hi Joanne, could I make these without the almonds?

  21. I’m going to have to do this without parchment:(
    any solutions at all?

  22. Are the almonds whole? Do they have skins on them? The cookies look amazing and I can’t wait to make them. Thank you!

    • Jacqui, thanks for noticing this. I have updated the recipe. I used sliced almonds, but you can use whole almonds too if you like, if you’re using the smaller ones. I imagine slivered might be good too if you’re looking for a more robust crunch.

  23. These look so YUMMY, Question: Is there a substitute for the Almonds/nuts you recommend?

    • Hi Richelle, If you don’t like nuts then you can leave them out of the recipe. I’m not sure what else would go well in here…but the cookies will still be delicious with the chocolate and the marshmallows. Have fun baking!

  24. I am making these tonight, and can’t WAIT until they are done (in 3 minutes!!!). i somehow missed the “freeze” portion, so they’re big…but they still look and smell awesome!

  25. These were AWESOME. The only thing I’ll do differently next time, is i might try a different cut of almond (maybe chopped, something with more thickness). I really like almods, and i’d like them to be a little more prominent. Eat these cookies. GO NOW! BUY INGREDIENTS!

  26. Ok, so these look absolutely delicious! I’m totally thinking about making them & bringing them to a potluck I have on Friday. 1 question though…it’s something I’ve never had explained to me. But…you say egg whites. I know it’s not overly complicated to separate the yolk from the egg white, but how would the cookies be affected if I just used the whole egg??

    • There’s no way to say for sure without trying it first, but I think they could still be good using whole eggs. The thing is egg yolks and whites serve very different functions and have different makeups. Egg whites don’t contain any fat, build volume and give structure. Egg yolks on the other hand contain all the fat and will change the texture. My guess is if you use the whole egg they might taste a little less chocolatey but they would likely still be good. Now I’m curious and want to try it!

  27. Just made these!!!

    Oh em gee they are incredible!!

  28. I just popped a batch in the oven, but when I mixed all the ingredients it looked waaay different than yours.. Mine was so stiff and dry. I mean I literally broke my fork trying to mix it all together. Idk what I did wrong? Let’s hope the turn out sorta edible

    • Hi Maddie, Hm, this is strange, many have tried this recipe and said it turned out very well. I wonder if the cups of powdered sugar you measured were especially compacted so you had more?

      • I’m not sure. I dont have a sifter so I just poured it into cups that’s weren’t quite full. They ended up tasting fine though, still gooey :)

  29. Though these were delicious, I could not for the life of me keep them from totally running all over the cookie sheet and the ones I did, they were hollow inside so they just squished up as I tried to remove them from the cookie sheet. Any suggestions? We are in high altitude and I used cut up chocolate bars since we can’t get chips in this country. Thanks!!!

    • Hi Tanya, I have a friend (Erin of Dinners, Dishes and Desserts blog) who is in high altitude and she said it’s a totally different game when you’re baking in a high altitude. Unfortunately I’ve always lived at sea level so I don’t have the slightest clue about how to remedy this. The only thing I can suggest is to refrigerate the cookie dough for an hour before baking (skip the freezing). That should give it less “spread” but I don’t know about the hollowness.

  30. I was wondering if you could just put the batter in the fridge for 15 mins or so and then scoop them out?

  31. Oh my goodness I made these cookies last night and boy was I impressed. We didn’t have enough almonds so I just didn’t add them and I ended up having to cut big marshmallows in bits. I also didn’t have parchment paper…which made these a lot more difficult to work with (ended up using wax paper). Let’s just say that I was so eager I didn’t think twice about this. Halfway through baking I usually rotate the pan since our oven cooks one side faster, and got a face full of smoke. Yea…the bottoms of the cookies were burning on the wax paper (even when I had 3 layers). Nonetheless, I managed to get the cookies off in somewhat one piece and they tasted delicious. My brother even said they tasted like fudge in cookie form. I’ll definitely be using this recipe in the near future, especially since one of my brothers girlfriends is gluten free. Thanks!

    • Oh dear, Wax Paper should not be used in the oven, that’s too bad you didn’t have any parchment paper on hand, but make sure to get some for next time! They will come off much better =)

      • I guess I realized too late. I suppose I just assumed that since making Hershey and Rolo pretzel bites on wax paper in the oven was fine these would too, my bad!

  32. Hi! These look amazing!!! If I just have large eggs not extra large how many large eggs should I use to have it equal 3 extra large egg whites?? thank you!! I am going to make this recipe this weekend!!!!! thank you for your video you make it look so easy and your video is very helpful!

    • Hi Robin, Thanks for your comment! I would say to just use 3 large egg whites, as long as you don’t double the recipe it will be close enough. Happy baking!

  33. If I used milk chocolate morsels, would it still taste pretty much the same? Used all the semi-sweet morsels on the peanut butter cups. Which were a hit with my kids!

    • Hi Teresa, You know, I’m not completely sure without trying it. The milk chocolate has a higher cacao butter content so it might make it turn out differently? On the other hand i could see it turning out similarly. If you try please let us all know how it turns out =) Glad you and the kids enjoyed the peanut butter cups!!!

  34. These are wonderful and I’m baking them again as we speak for my bake sale! Joanne, I have a question: how do you keep your toasted marshmallows fluffy? I’m not sure if it’s just a mallow brand thing or what. After taking my cookies out of the oven, my marshmallows deflate to look like little mushroom heads. It doesn’t affect the taste, but the appearance is not as “Cook’s Illustrated” as I’d like, and it doesn’t look like your photo. Tips on beautiful as well as delicious cookies?

    • Hi Beth, they will definitely deflate a bit after they come out of they oven (because in the oven they heat up like crazy and get puffed and huge), but I’m curious what brand you are using for the marshmallow? Another thing you could try is to put the marshmallows on about halfway through baking instead of at the beginning. That might help them from melting down too much. Let me know if that helps! Happy baking!

      • Hi Joanne,

        Wow, you’re fast on the replies! Thank you! Right now, I’ve been using Jet Puffed, and putting them on about 5 minutes in (and then baking for another 8 or so) already increased the post-oven puffiness. Next time, I’m going to try putting them on even later. Happy baking to you as well! Thank you for all the recipes!

        • Haha, well I try! I am currently moving from Georgia to Connecticut (just loaded up the truck earlier today) so I’m a bit behind in my emails, but I wanted to get to yours ASAP. Hope you’re having a great week!

  35. I found that these look great, but are not very sweet…maybe if you want a sweeter treat to try milk chocolate chips. Me and my boyfriend thought these were very bitter.

  36. I was wondering if I could use dark chocolate cocoa powder instead of unsweetened… It sounds stupid but I couldn’t find the unsweetened powder for the life of me at our commissary!

    • Hi Dylan, interesting, I have never seen dark chocolate cocoa powder before. What does it say the ingredients are? I imagine it’s cocoa powder with powdered sugar maybe. Anyway, it should work okay I would think, it might be a bit sweeter than normal but that depends on how much sugar might be in there.

  37. Thank you for sharing the best rocky road cookie ever!!! I just made them. The recipe was simple to follow and they came out great. I used a silpat baking mat instead of parchment paper and it worked out just fine.

    • YAY! I’m so glad Christina. Maybe I need to ask for one of those silpats for Christmas this year…I go through so much parchment.

      • Hello Joanne,
        Lovely recipe! I’m already setting a date to make these! I saw your reply about silpats. I wanted to let you know that I just recently bought mine at Costco. It was a set of three of only 19.99. Best purchase ever! Happy baking! ^_^

  38. These are the by far the best tasting cookies I’ve ever made. They even looked exactly like the picture! The only question I have: my cookie dough didn’t seem to be nearly as runny as yours is, it was very stiff. Any ideas about what I may have done wrong? Also, if I double the recipe, should I do anything different? Thanks!

    • Thanks so much Kelly! Hm, I’m not sure why it might’ve been less runny. Is your kitchen very cold? At the time of posting I made them in an 80 degree kitchen, and now that I cook in a 60 degree kitchen, it makes an amazing difference how cold or warm the kitchen is. That’s my only idea. I don’t think any changes are needed to double this recipe, hope they turn out well!

  39. These are deeelicious. I made half a batch using two large egg whites. Mine really stuck to the parchment. I had to let them cool completely to get them off in decent shape. Yummy!

  40. Mine turned out flat and stuck really bad to the pan which was really disappointing because these look so good! I did everything it said! wahhh haha :(

  41. I made these today and they are wonderful – but I did make a few changes. Evidently my XL eggs were not quite XL enough because I had to add an additional one to have even close to enough liquid. I also ended up adding a Tbs. of water. I used pecans rather than almonds just because that is what I had on hand and prefer them to almonds. I made the first cookies with marshmallows but mine were not as pretty as yours. The rest of the cookies I left the marshmallows off and sprinkled more chopped pecans on top. YUM!! The texture is great and my gluten free friends will love them.

  42. Can these be baked then put in the freezer

  43. Wow. Saw your pretty cookies on Pinterest. I just finished making these and followed the directions exactly. They are super easy and INSANELY good!! I can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog!

  44. Hi! These cookies look AMAZING! I can only hope that mine will come out as beautiful! I’m looking for a new idea for our yearly holiday cookie party, and this just may be it! However, I don’t prefer nuts. In reading the comments, you indicated they can be omitted, but does the overall texture of the cookie change negatively? Do you think add Toffee Health Bar bits instead of nuts would work?

    • Hi Anne, I think without the nuts the cookies still have texture because the outside is pretty crisp. My opinion is that the heath bar bits would have too much crunch for these, but who knows, you might love it! So I would say whatever sounds delicious to you, you should give it a try.

  45. We made these tonight and they were awesome!!!! We didn’t have any almonds but they were amazing – thanks for the kickass recipe!!!

  46. Unbelievably beautiful photographs..and food! I’ve just looked @ several of your posts, and while they all look extra yummy, these cookies stopped me dead in my tracks! Lol..I love my chocolate. My new favorite blog!

  47. Just pulled these out of the oven and yes they are ooey gooey goodness. I don’t know how someone said they turned out bitter because they are almost too sweet (I say almost because I don’t know if it’s possible to make something too sweet!!) I followed the recipe too (left out the nuts) and even with the parchment paper on the first batch, they did leave gooey-ness behind so I can see where people are saying it stuck to the paper. Also, my mallows flattened and created craters in the cookies – they looked horrible! I put the rest of the batter in the fridge for 15 minutes and that time they didn’t spread as much and I also put the mallows on at 10 minutes for the second batch and this time they didn’t flatten as bad and they didn’t stick to the paper this time either. I think the key is making sure to let them chill long enough before cooking the first batch and putting the mallows in at least half way after baking them.

  48. These look divine! I will most definitely be trying them!

  49. These were really yummy!!! Thanks for sharing.

  50. Thanks for this amazing recipe, can’t wait to try it tonight. I was wondering, do you switch on both the oven top and bottom, or just the bottom?

  51. Hello! Baking in the oven right now. Can’t wait to try them. Question, I’m a bit of a Cookie Monster and have a hard time keeping baked cookies around the house longer than a day or two. So I tend to use my cookie scoop and freeze the dough. Have you tried freezing them longer than 5 minutes?

    • Amber, I haven’t tried freezing the dough. Most cookie doughs freeze beautifully but this one is so strange being flourless and all, that I’m not sure how it would turn out. If you try it will you make sure to let us all know? I’m sure there are many who are curious. Thanks!

  52. Hi there! Quick question! If I bake these the night before, will they still be gooey and yummy the day after? I’m planning on baking these tonight for the first time (super excited!!) to take to a get together tomorrow. Thanks a million!!!

    PS. My mother-in-law is a celiac so the fact that these are gluten free is a PLUS! :)

    • Hi Fatima, these cookies don’t store incredibly well, they get a bit dry :( If you do make them tonight, just make sure to store them in an airtight container as soon as they’re cool.

  53. I made these cookies a few days ago and I was SO nervous about burning them & having them get yucky but they turned out perfectly! This is so simple & it took me no time at all to whip up a batch (I started at 8 & was done by 10!).

  54. I made these today. They turned out really yummy! The only thing I would change next time is putting less sugar (about 2/3). I was really surprised to see that this recipe did not have any flour, but they turned out so soft and gooey that there was no reason to worry at all. Thank you for this wonderful recipe :-)

  55. Hello,

    I was wondering how these would turn out if I didn’t add almonds? I wonder if I could add something in its place or can I just remove it altogether?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Brooke, you can just omit the almonds altogether, won’t make a big difference in the outcome of the cookie, just a bit less texture. Enjoy!

  56. Love the recipe! I want to try it but I’m a little skeptical on the “3 cups of powdered sugar” part. My family and I don’t have issues with gluten, so I was wondering if replacing a cup of the sugar for a up of regular baking flour would have a negative effect on the final product. No more Ooey-gooeyness? Problems rising? Feedback is much appreciated!

    • Hi Sam, Aside from how the recipe is written, I’m not sure how it would turn out. Adding flour would definitely change the product significantly. I wouldn’t know exactly unless I tried it.

  57. Hi Joanne! I made these with my boys tonight. We are in Switzerland so we had to use choc bars & marshmallows that we cut up so the results were not as pretty as yours but they were very tasty! Thanks for the recipe!

  58. Love, love, love these cookies!!!!!

  59. Do you have to add the almonds? What would happen if you didn’t?

  60. So rich and chocolatey; but really you had me at ooey gooey!

  61. Joanne, you can lightly spray parchment with “pam”.
    Due to high sugar content, sometimes this type of cookie sticks to parchment.
    I work in a bakery, and we do this for our dacquoise, which also has no flour.

    • Hi Joanne, thanks for sharing this tip! Can you believe I’ve never bought pam before? I will have to try it sometime.

      • I’m older and I have used “Pam”, but I am a “Celiac” person, so this tip on flour-less cookies, with high sugar content, sticking is usually an issue. Thanks

  62. I love your recipe! And the pictures are so delicious!

  63. These cookies look really good! But i’m wondering if it will still turn out ok if i dont put the almonds,chocolite chips, and marshmallows?

    • Hm…that’s an awful lot of the main ingredients in a cookie that doesn’t have a lot to begin with, but if you want to try it you can. It will just be the chocolate shell essentially.

  64. Wow, these look so yummy! Thanks for the recipe– can’t wait to try it out this week!! :)

  65. Thank you so much for the recipe! I haven’t made them yet, but I can’t wait to try!

  66. Greetings from the UK, and a gluten free baker. I’ve made these a number of times now and just wanted to say thank you for the recipe, they are truly delicious. I’ve written about baking these and the raptuous reception that they receive, and pointed my readers in the direction of your recipe.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • YAY!!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed them. I took a look at your post, and your version looks great! I wasn’t able to leave a comment because of the comment settings on your blog but I really appreciate the response!

  67. Made these a few hours ago. This recipe is a keeper! Was cleaning out my cake decorating cabinet & found some chocolate chips and half a bag of marshmallows. My marshmallows were large so my dear hubby cut them up. I also had milk chocolate chips but I used them. Omitted the almonds.The cookies are very gooey & sweet. Next time I will try the semi sweet chips. Thanks for posting. Can’t wait to try some of your other recipes.

  68. Jennifer Maddox

    These are amazing! Made them for a quick treat tonight. I omitted the almonds and used white choc chips and still amazing! Most definitely going in the regular fam treat file! Be so great to have for unexpected guests too!

  69. Hi would they still work out if I did not add the almonds? These look so amazing and delisicious but I’m just not a big almond fan. Thanks and can’t wait to make these!

  70. These look yummy. I have a child with a nut allergy, do you have any recommendations for a substitute for the the almonds? Thank you

    • Hi Tina, if you’d like you can just leave them out entirely. Or you could add white chocolate chips like someone else said they loved doing!

  71. Pretty disappointed, my cookies didn’t turn out at all. Kind of confused why they didnt turn out, I did everything the same. :(

    • Hi Savanna, I’m sorry to hear the cookies didn’t turn out for you. If you would like to provide some more details and I can try to troubleshoot and figure out what went wrong.

      • I tied to figure it out but I couldn’t. I literally did exactly what it said. I dont think their was enough liquid because when I went to mix it up after I put everything together it was super super dry. but I used the same meausurements as the recipe called for so I don’t know why it was so dry.

        • Savanna, are you using large eggs instead of extra large? I only had large eggs so I used three egg whites and my batter was extremely dry also. I then added about half another egg white and it smoothed out beautifully.

  72. I was wondering if I have to put them in the freezer? I live with roommates and they have completely hogged the freezer so there would be no room for a cookie sheet in it :-(

  73. These look delicious! I think they would be great fresh out of the oven, but what about after they have cooled off? Are they still just as gooey after a few days?

    • Hi Jenn, if you’re going to eat them a few days after baking and would like them to be gooey, I recommend reheating in the oven or the microwave. Enjoy!

  74. i was making these earlier and noticed that my batter didn’t look quite like the pictures. It is a lot thicker and darker, yet I didn’t change the recipe or substitute anything. Should I still put the batter in the freezer? Also, I don’t have chocolate chips or marshmallows, but do you think I could use Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate squares and just chop them up instead? Thank you!

    • What size eggs did you use? Another reader noted above that the difference between large and extra large eggs is very noticeable for this recipe, so be sure to use the right size. Darkness may depend on the cocoa you’re using as well. The freezer time just helps the cookies to not spread too thinly in the oven. Regarding the chocolate, chocolate chips don’t melt and lose their shape when baked, while chopped chocolate will, so it’s not the same effect. You may still find them tasty. Enjoy!

  75. Hi just wondering is powdered sugar icing sugar ?

  76. Hi Joanne… This recipe looks absolutely delicious!! I do have one question, and would love to know your feedback…
    I want to make these for my niece birthday which is this on coming Sunday… but I have soo many things to do and also work to do, so I was thinking on making the cookies tonight (wednesday night)… Do you think the making them four day in advance will make the cookie texture not be as good? Like would they go bad? Or do they have to be done on the same day?

    Thanks so Much!! Awesome webpage by the way!

    • Hi Maria, I think the furthest in advance I’d make these is two days ahead, as they will tend to lose moisture easily. Hope you are able to try them sometime and enjoy them!

  77. Wow.Let me tell ya: the name “Ooey Gooey” is an UNDERSTATEMENT mine did not come off like the picture, and they are….wow really really ooey gooey…oh and it literally tastes like melted chocolate…super yum! but i feel super unhealthy eating them…

  78. Hello there. I was wandering, would it be o.k to substitute powdered sugar with brown sugar?
    Thank you in advance!:)

  79. Hi!! The cookies look amazing.. But me and my family.. We dont use egg.. Is there an eggless version of this recipe?..
    And.. Please dont suggest egg replacers because we dont get them here in india..

  80. I made these for a wedding shower a few months ago and ever since then I’ve made them probably 6 more times. They are SO good. Love this recipe.

  81. Hi! I love this recipe! And although I’m not a chocolate-person, I love rocky road ice-cream. So, I searched for a delicious recipe and I found it! This brought me to try more and more of your recipes and I seriously, loved. them. all. :) But, the first time I made this, my cookie dough was not thick, it was actually kind of the opposite. Do you have any idea why this might happen? In the last few times it hasn’t been doing that so I was just wondering why that had happened…

    • Hi Esther, I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying so many recipes! My first thought could be the temperature of the egg whites. They are very thick when cold and thin out quite a bit as they warm up.

  82. I absolutely love these cookies! My only problem is that they stick so bad! Maybe it’s something I’m doing. I spray my parchment paper, as suggested below, but I feel like I spend the most time scraping them from the pan and then the cookies end up in pieces. I did find letting them cool off a little longer helped a little, but then I spent time peeling the paper from the bottom of the cookie. Any thoughts??

    • Hi Holli, are you 100% sure you’re not using wax paper? Parchment paper is made with silicone and it shouldn’t stick to anything. If you did use parchment paper, I know that it’s not recommended to spray them or oil the surface.

  83. These were delicious! I sliced my own almonds with my food processor, and so I had a bunch of powdery almond crumbs that I threw in with the slivered almonds, and it made the flavor of the cookie AMAZING. (I toasted the crumbs along with the almonds.)
    I do have a question that hopefully you haven’t already answered (I admit I don’t have the drive to read all 152 comments to find out): how do you store these? They are too gooey to put in a ziplock or to stack in a container.

  84. hi.. greetings from indonesia! i love ur ooey gooey cookies so much and i love all ur recipes.. i made it a couole dats ago and within a day it just vanish to my husband and brother stomach! but i have a question here.. this recipe is actually too sweet and i have a diabetic father can i substitute or add donething to reduce the sweetness.. any thought? thank you

    • I’m so happy to hear that everyone loved them! Part of the reason the recipe is so sweet is because it’s gluten-free and we use the powdered sugar to substitute a bit for the flour. I think your best bet would be to find a chocolate cookie that has some flour in it. Good luck!

  85. I just made these cookies and they turned out exactly like yours! Phew! :) They are SO!!! OMG! I’ve already “tested” three! I better stop or there won’t be any left when the rest of the family gets home! Thanks!

  86. I love this recipe so much it.make me went to cook those cookies that I like to cook .

  87. I Love great recipes..Love your page !

  88. heyy the cookies look sooo good!!! can i byany chance use like 2 eggs instead of 3 egg whites?

  89. Cynthia Angst

    A big hit! As chewy & gooey as you said they would be

  90. I made this for the first time on Christmas eve and will say these are really good. My family ate them all in a few hours. I will warn you, If you don’t like foods that are sweet these cookies are not for you. However if you are a person that likes rich ooey gooey desserts then you will find that this is one of the best cookies you have ever consumed.

  91. Made these this morning and just sampled one.  Oh my! Double chocolatey goodness.  Baked as directed but found that if I very lightly spayed Pam onto the parchment paper the slightly cooled, baked cookies came right off the cookie sheet after allowing them to cooI for three mins and I found placing the cookies on the cookie sheet in the freezer for five mins really helped but I also kept the dough cold in the fridge between baking.  

  92. Can I used icing sugar? Is it the same as powdered sugar? 

  93. These are really addictive! I have made them twice now but the only problem I have is that they stay stuck to the parchment paper, I noticed that yours don’t, and I don’t know why. Despite the work to remove them from the pan, it is still well worth it. Thanks for the recipe :)

  94. I couldn’t resist making these after seeing the picture on facebook, and oh boy am I glad I did! I didn’t have any nuts on hand so I left those out. I also added peanut butter chips to half the batch. Both versions are just amazing! I’ll definitely be making these again and might experiment with mint chips. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! 

  95. I used special dark cocoa powder. 

  96. Hi Joanne. I made these last year and they came out perfect. I just made some tonight and the batter came out very stiff. I followed the recipe and used extra large whites. You made a comment to another baker about the powder sugar possibly being compacted. That could explain why the batter was very stiff. I wonder next time if I should go ahead and sift the powdered sugar, THEN measure out 3 cups. They still taste good, but they don’t have that hard shell, crackle look that makes the cookie so attractive looking.

  97. Made it and i felt proud of myself

  98. Made them last night but the some part of the cookies got stuck on the glassine paper I used. (my mom recommended it) It absolutely tastes wonderful but the batter spread out way too much even after putting it in the freezer. What can be the cause here? 

  99. Hi Joanne, these Ooey Gooey Rocky Road cookies look so good, but sadly I am allergic to dark chocolate can’t make them, No Fair!

  100. hey I’m in the process of making these and I’m wondering what I could use instead of almonds and marshmallows cause I don’t have any on hand, I was thinking maybe some sort of cereal or something but not sure how to substitute the marshmallows!! Lol thanks in advance! Hope they turn out great for me too!

  101. Is there an adjusted recipe for high altitude baking for this recipe? I really want to make these! :)

  102. These recipes sound so good I can hardly wait to try them!! They are well written and the pictures make my mouth water.. What a GOOD find. Thank you..

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