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Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

peanut butter cups made from scratch

Oh the peanut butter cup.

So simple, so unpretentious, and so heavenly.

You might say well, why make peanut butter cups when you can buy them?

I have a few reasons.

1. I get to use my good chocolate and good peanut butter.

a peanut butter swirl for peanut butter cups

2. I always appreciate things more when I go through the process of making them myself. And I swear I eat less this way.

3. When I make these myself, I know there are only four ingredients. And none of those ingredients are preservatives or other stuff I don’t want in my body.

peanut butter cup from scratch

4. They’re just FUN — My friend Meagan’s kids just have the grandest time banging the pan against the counter like a bunch of whackadoodles.

You start by whipping peanut butter with a little bit of softened butter and confectioner’s sugar:

whipped peanut butter for peanut butter cup filling

And place a little dollop of the whipped peanut butter atop a small layer of melted semisweet chocolate (that’s been frozen for 15 minutes).

chocolate and peanut butter cups

And you see how it’s not a flat surface? Just drop the pan on the counter a few times and it will flatten and smooth itself out, like this:

how to smooth out the peanut butter cup layers

Freeze for 15 minutes, then pour on the top layer of melted chocolate.

two stacked peanut butter cups from scratch

Freeze for 15 more minutes until it hardens, then you’re good to go!

Here’s the full video on how to make the peanut butter cups, if video is your style. I talk a little bit about the different methods of melting the chocolate:

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Yield: Makes 12-18 peanut butter cups (depends on how thick you make the layers)

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes

Total Time: 60 minutes


16 oz semisweet chocolate, chopped
1/2 cup creamy natural peanut butter
2 tbsp butter, softened
1.75 oz confectioner's sugar (1/4 cup+2 tbsp), sifted


Line a standard 12 cup muffin tin with paper cupcake liners.

Melt half the chocolate either in a double boiler (the safer method) or in the microwave (the more dangerous, but easier/lazier method). I opt for the latter. If you don't know how to melt chocolate this way, read my Explanation of Chocolate Behavior article.

Distribute the melted chocolate into the 12 muffin tins (I use a cookie scoop to portion the chocolate), only barely filling the bottom of each cup. If the chocolate does not lie flat, drop the pan repeatedly on the counter, and it will flatten and smooth itself out. Place the pan in the freezer for 15 minutes.

In the meantime, whip the peanut butter, butter, and confectioner's sugar together with a hand mixer until mixed and light. Taste it and make sure the sweetness is to your liking. Place small tablespoons of peanut butter into each cup, then drop the pan repeatedly on the counter again, so the peanut butter layer is flattened out. Place in the freezer for 15 minutes.

Melt the last 1/2lb of chocolate, and portion small spoonfuls of chocolate into the cups, one cup at a time, immediately dropping the pan repeatedly on the counter to flatten each cup. In my experience of making these, the chill from the peanut butter (because it was just in the freezer) will harden up that top layer of chocolate very quickly, so you must flatten out the tops immediately after you pour the chocolate into each cup. Place the peanut butter cups in the freezer for 15 minutes to set the top layer of chocolate.

You can either refrigerate them for a peanut butter cup with more bite, or leave them at room temperature for a softer, creamier bite. Just peel the wrapper off, and enjoy!

187 comments on “Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

  1. OMG. I hope you brought me some of these today.

  2. So, what is your favorite chocolate to use and favorite pb ? pleez ??

    • Hi Denise, My favorite chocolate is Callebaut, it’s a high end chocolate but reasonably priced. People rave about Vahlrona and Scharfenberger…I’ve only tried the Scharfenberger and I’m not a fan, I find it to be too fruity. As far as peanut butter, as long as it’s natural (not the hydrogenated oil peanut butter) then I think it’s fine. Sometimes I get the one from Whole Foods where the machine fresh grinds it for you, but often I just get any brand at the store that’s just peanuts + salt. Hope that helps!

  3. Delish! My grandmother makes her own peanut butter cups, and they’re absolutely legendary in my family. To the point that when she brings them to family functions, she’s started portioning them out in individual bags (four for you, four for you . . .) and has barred anyone from “stealing” from another’s bag! Haha. It’s a little crazy, but it works. Maybe I’ll be the next one bringing peanut butter cups to parties! :)

  4. These looks awesome! I know my son and husband would love it if I made some :)

  5. I LOVE THESE!!!!!


  6. You. Are. Brilliant! I’d love to say more, but it would just be more words for brilliant. Like, GENIUS! AMAZING!

    …you rock.

  7. I love peanut butter and chocolate paired together! I’ll have to try this.

  8. I am a sucker for peanut butter cups. I am really craving anything peanut butter right now, these look perfect!

  9. Yummy! Great idea to make it t home! It is so simple

  10. I love the peanut butter cups, of course I always buy, but you are right, it’s better if can make it at home, so we really know what’s inside and que quality of the ingredients.

  11. Holy crap! Homemade peanut butter cups are that easy to make?! I had no idea. Beautiful photographs. If it wasn’t 95 degrees today, I’d make these right now.

  12. Found you on via Pinterest – & I’m so glad I did!! These look awesome and I can’t wait to try them! :)

  13. I made these tonight on a whim, and they are SO delicious and easy! I used less sugar than called for and more peanut butter, but I could also eat PB straight out of the container!

    I think if I did it again, I might try using an impromptu piping bag, as I had trouble getting the chocolate into the cups without getting it all over. But nonetheless they were very delicious!!

    • Perhaps you can give us more detailed info on “how” to put chocolate into the pans – a spoon? a pastry bag? brush ? I know I’m not the only one who would like to know. :>)

      • Hi Denise, This is a great question. As I said to Cody, I just poured the chocolate from the bowl, but something that would work well is a glass pyrex measuring cup since it has that small streamed mouth on it, and you could melt the chocolate right in the pyrex measuring cup. Pastry bag might work but too but I haven’t tried it. Seems like more work than the pourable glass cup method.

    • Cody, YAY! Good for you for using less sugar LOL. I see, hm…the piping bag is actually a very good idea. I honestly just poured it straight from the bowl but I had a great bowl with a good lip, and steady hands. Another thing that might work well is if you put the chocolate in one of those glass pyrex measuring cups, because it’s got that great pourable mouth on it, and it would pour in a steady small stream.

  14. On Fridays, I share my favorite food finds in a series called Food Fetish Friday – and I love how you made these peanut butter cups from scratch so I’m featuring it as part of today’s roundup (with a link-back and attribution). I hope you have no objections and I’m happy to be following along with your creations…

  15. These look fab! I can’t wait to make my own!!!

  16. will be making these for sure.

  17. Another reason to make home made peanut butter cups is when you live over seas you can pay up to $3 to $4 just for a two pack :)
    Thank you for sharing!!

  18. Wonderful peanut butter cups! I can’t believe they are so easy to make. Thank you for sharing this brilliant recipe on RecipeNewZ! Our visitors instantly loved it, so today we are featuring it on our Facebook page: Congratulations!

  19. Try adding salt to the pb mixture for a more “authentic” taste.

  20. These are super beautiful and I’m sure delicious
    Thanks so much for sharing :) I’m planning to make these soon

  21. I, like everyone else, want to make these too! But, we’ve nixed sugar in our diet. I wonder if I mix the natural p. butter with a little honey and leave out the conf. sugar. I’ll see if that will work…they look sooooo good.

  22. I am featuring these on my Facebook page today. OMG!

  23. Oh yum! what a great idea! I’m wondering how it will work with honey or maple syrup for the sweet? Will have to try. ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. I made these last night-delicious! I followed the recipe but my peanut butter did not whip to a smooth consistency-more like cookie dough. Ideas on what I did wrong? Still fantastic though :)

  25. Jif natural

  26. Yummo!! I’ve made these a couple of times and they are awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Is it ok (permissible) to pin this recipe?

    • Hi Sara, Yes absolutely that’s fine! Thank you. I get people copying and pasting my entire post (pictures and writing) without linking back or asking, and that’s what I don’t like. But pinning is definitely okay =)

  28. These look fab! can’t wait to try, the only thing I would change would be to use homemade peanut butter. Dump a 16oz bag a trader joe’s honey roasted peanuts into a food processor and push the on button. let it go until it’s the consistency you like. Can’t wait to try this.

  29. These look wonderful! can’t wait to try, the only thing I would change would be to use homemade peanut butter. Dump a 16oz bag a trader joe’s honey roasted peanuts into a food processor and push the on button. let it go until it’s the consistency you like.

    • Another Joanne…cool! haha. You know, I need to try doing my own peanut butter again. I tried doing that in my food processor and it never really turned into nut butter. Maybe I didn’t put enough in. You’ve inspired me to try it again!

  30. Made this tonight, told my husband who was coming home from another Air Force trip about them, and only had 2 left when he got here . . . ooops! Thanks so much for this great idea. My kids loved helping and I loved knowing what was in them.

    Would it be alright to do my own blog post on this recipe? I would absolutely give you credit, tell people where the recipe is from and link them to you. If not, I completely understand.

    ps- your site is awesome. I wasted a whole bunch of time on here today!

    • HAHAHAHA. That is too funny! I’m so glad you and the kids had a great time making them! Yes it’s always okay if you do your own blog post as long as you write the recipe according to how you made it/in your own words and take your own photographs of the process. I just get people who copy and paste all my photos and recipe and claim it as their own, that’s why I have that copyright notice up there. I’m so glad you enjoy the site and please say hello every once in a while! Happy cooking! Also let me know if you do the PB cups on your site =)

  31. This was awesome, better than the store-bought one!

  32. Hello! I made these again to post on my blog (and ate most of the second batch, how I suffer for my blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I just added more salt to them, because I love salt. And high blood pressure. Anyhow, thank you again so much for sharing this recipe. It’s a big winner around here.

  33. Oh wow, didn’t realise they could be so simple to make. Definitely going to give this a try – thanks! (PS We can’t buy them in stores here, so I’m very keen to taste them again haha!)

  34. do you have to use foil baking cups?

  35. Joanne,
    Another great recipe! Made these today for the gluten free crowd in my house. I used milk chocolate for one batch and dark chocolate for batch 2… now I will admit batch 2 came out much better in every way because I figured out a melon ball scoop worked great for scooping in the chocolate and peanut butter…thanks for the inspiration

  36. I’ve never made these from scratch before. Yours look better than the store bought ones and who knew they could be this simple. I can’t wait to make these.

  37. I can’t wait to try this! I was in USA in 2010 and that’s when my addiction to peanut butter cups started! They don’t sell them in South Africa and when you do find them-they are extremely expensive! I can’t wait to make my own! Thank you for sharing :)

  38. I just made these. I used Ghiradelli 60% cocoa choc chips and some creamy PB. I did not add butter and I only added 1/8 cup powdered sugar. They came out great! My husband says they taste even better than the Newman’s Own Dark Chocolate PB cups we used to buy. Plus I love that the PB isn’t dry and powdery like a lot of those end up being when bought from the store. I think next time I will try making them in the mini cups and using a pastry bag to pipe the stuff. But what I did was, I used a combo of foil and paper liners and I just held the liner in my hand and used a spoon to put the chocolate in, and then just swirled the liner around a bit to spread it. It worked fine. Thanks for posting this!

  39. Oh. my. goodness. Do these ever look yummy! I am definitely trying these and I won’t care how they turn out or what they look like. I plan to eat them all just based on your recipe and photos. Thanks so much for posting, I just found your site so I’m off now now to look at more of your recipes!

  40. Did those of you who have made this try milk chocolate or milk chocolate chips instead of semi sweet chocolate? I LOVE chocolate and peanut butter together! Thanks for the recipe! Will have to try the next time my girls are home from college.

  41. I made these last night, and while they were delicious, the chocolate was hard and the peanut butter squished out when you bit into it. Did yours do that! I used semisweet chocolate.

    • Hi Crystal, did you eat them immediately after freezing, or did you let them come to room temperature? They’re definitely going to be harder than regular Reese’s since Reese’s uses milk chocolate. If you prefer a softer texture you can definitely use milk, but you may want to adjust the peanut butter filling since milk chocolate has more sugar. Also, what brand of semisweet chocolate did you use?

  42. Hey Joanne, first of all- thank you for this recipe! My husband’s favorite candies are peanut butter cups! I made these the other night and he loved them. His only complaint was the that the chocolate was too hard, and the peanut butter middle was too soft. I used tollhouse semi-sweet chocolate chips, so maybe that was the problem? I left them out on the counter and the chocolate got kind of discolored and weird looking, so I put them in the fridge. They are just too hard to bite into when cold, but when room temperature, the middle just squishes out.

    I really love the flavor of these and I love making things homemade whenever possible. Do you have any suggestions for the next time I make these? Thanks again! I love your site! :)

    • Hi Paula, semisweet chocolate will definitely be harder than milk. I would suggest using milk chocolate next time if you guys like that kind of chocolate (it will definitely be sweeter). I don’t use tollhouse but I’ve looked at their labels…I think I recall some fillers in there. It sounds like with your chocolate, the cacao butter separated from the cacao solids. I would suggest trying to get Ghirardelli or Callebaut, which aren’t too expensive but are still good quality.

  43. Hi! I made these yesterday and it was a fun project! I love how these peanut butter cups look, the way we can see the layers of chocolate and PB. They are a little messy and the chocolate layers are naturally harder than the PB layer but I find that if you set them out just a teeny while before eating and serve them in a cupcake liner to contain the mess, it’s not too bad. Plus, they taste great so what’s a little mess anyway. Next time, I think I’d go with mini size so you can pop one whole piece in your mouth and have no problems with messy fingers. : )

    Thanks so much for this recipe! What a great blog!

    • Hi Monica, I’m so glad you liked them! If you wanted a softer chocolate next time you could try milk chocolate instead. I also think the mini size is a brilliant idea…you’re right, it wouldn’t matter if the peanut butter squishes out of the sides at all. Happy cooking!

  44. I haven’t been this excited about a blog/website in a long time… especially excited enough to sign up to receive the newsletter. But I just did! I can’t wait to share this with my friend, Bridgett. We both love to make food from scratch so that we know what’s in it too.

    This is a wonderful recipe and I can’t wait to make it.

    I am SO looking forward to getting your newsletter. Thanks!

  45. Peanut butter & chocolate, what is not to love – my hubby just told me not to make them as he feels he has NO, ZERO, ZILTCH self control. Will be making them soon! :)

  46. These are yummy! Just finished making them, too good for words! I’m an American living in Australia and peanut butter cups don’t exist, so to make my own is a real treat!

  47. Oh, these are just what I was looking for! My 5-year old and I need a cooking project, these will be fun and yummy! :) Found your recipe on Pinterest and had to check it out “in person” I’ll be pinning this too!

  48. Hi Joanne,

    I found this post via Pinterest and it helped inspire me to make my own peanut butter cup “concoction”. I have to say – very delicious and easy to make! I wrote about it on my blog, and of course credited you and linked back to this post. Don’t worry – I wrote out my own instructions and used my own photos! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for a great recipe!

  49. Sorry, I forgot to include the link back to my post for you to review if you so choose!

    • Hi Jess, loved your post! I wrote up a comment for it but sadly I can’t post it since there’s no Name/URL option for your comment section. I’m now eyeing those pumpkin pie PB cups!!!

  50. I am living abroad and finding peanut butter cups is nearly impossible, and when you do find them, they’re insanely expensive! This was a GREAT find. I added a little maple syrup to the peanut butter mixture and it really made it taste more “reeces” like!! I strongly recommend it.

  51. Can’t wait to try these I have skippy peanut butter hopefully it will work thanks for sharing ur recipe

  52. For every American (like me) who lives outside the US, this recipe is just perfect because you can’t get these candy bars in Australia. These folks don’t eat chocolate and peanut butter together – I know, I can’t believe it either. :)

    • I can’t imagine a life without eating lots of chocolate and peanut butter together ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Oh you obviously don’t live in Melbourne!

    • Yep, we’re expats and this recipe hit the spot! We made them tonight and they turned out great! I had the same experience of the chocolate being a bit hard and the peanut butter softer but that was ok with us. I’m a recipe tweaker so I made a small second batch and instead of putting the chocolate in the freezer I immediately put the peanut butter on it so that the chocolate would “rise” around the sides of the peanut butter just like the store bought ones. Then I put the melted chocolate on top to conceal the peanut butter. Worked out nicely! Thanks for the recipe!

  53. This is just wonderful. We’re trying to eat non-processed and this recipe satisfies a certain name-brand chocolate and peanut butter cup craving. Of course, mine didn’t turn out looking so pretty, they sure tasted awesome. I might cut down even more on the sugar next time (used less than 1/4 cup) since my dear husband found them a bit too sweet and we’re not crazy about a lot of sugar anyway.
    Thanks for the yummy recipe!

    • Hi Jennifer, YAY! Good for you to cut back on the sugar. I’ve done that in general with my diet and it’s amazing how sweet some of the snacks I used to eat taste now that I’ve cut back!

  54. Do you think these could be made with milk chocolate? I’m not a huge semi-sweet fan.

    • I just got done making mine with milk chocolate. I haven’t tried one yet but they seem to have come out ok.

      I also added more powdered sugar. Guess I like my pb sweet lol

  55. Oops – one more question. Do you think they would work in mini-muffin pans? I think they would look so cute as a holiday gift in a clear jar.

    • These would work great in mini muffin pans, just make sure you get good quality (sturdy) mini liners. And milk chocolate is fine too. You might want to cut back on the sugar in the peanut butter since the milk chocolate is sweeter, but you can just sweeten it to taste.

  56. Crystal Sellers

    I tried these and the chocolate came out really hard, even at room temp. Anything I can do to soften it up?

    • Hi Crystal, if you want a softer texture, milk chocolate would do better. The semisweet is not going to be very soft just melted on its own. However, what you could do next time is make a chocolate ganache (add heavy cream to the chocolate) which would give it a softer, creamier texture but still have the darkness of the semi-sweet (I do semisweet or bittersweet because milk chocolate is a bit too sweet for me). Hope that helps.

      • Another thing you can do is add a small amount of peanut butter to your chocolate. It makes it slightly softer & tastes amazing! :)

    • Hi Crystal,
      If you use 1/4 to 1/2 (of total chocolate used) unsalted melted butter or ghee, the chocolate will be softer, even if frozen.

  57. can i use crunzy peanut butter? and do the liners need to be wax based?

    • Yes crunchy is fine, the middle layer won’t’ be as smooth but you can add some vanilla extract to smooth it out if it’s too thick. I use paper liners for mine and they work fine.

  58. These look great Joanne :) I don’t bother adding extra sugar, etc to the peanut butter before making these and they still turn out ambrosia.

  59. I would like to make those as gifts, but my intention is to make them today and give them at the end of the month.
    Where do you recommand i keep them? In the refrigerator? In the freezer? Room temperature?

    Thank you

    • Hi Lori, you shouldn’t keep them at room temp because of the butter, it won’t last that long. I suggest freezing them in your case. Put them in an airtight container and do not remove the peanut butter cups from the container until it has reached room temperature (this will prevent condensation from forming on the peanut butter cups). I have some peanut butter cups in my freezer at this very moment actually =)

  60. My husband wants to marry me all over again after having made these. Delicious and easy! thank you!!

  61. I tried them with Honey Soy Nut Butter because my son is allergic to peanuts. Has anyone else tried them with an alternate nut butter? The “butter” part was too creamy (not firm at all), and the chocolate was too hard. Next time I am going to try omitting the softened butter and sugar altogether. I am also going to try them with almond butter.

  62. So I just literally finished making mine! They are ok. My peanut butter was really all that smooth. And my layer of chocolate is really thick on top and thin on the bottom. When I bite into it frozen it kind of comes apart. Like the chocolate slides away from the peanut butter. Not really sure if I did something wrong or just simply wasn’t paying full attention since I started at 9 tonight. I also used Jif peanut butter and milk chocolate. I also didn’t use room temperature butter either. I know I am inpatient and don’t read all the instructions before I start. None the less they taste delicious!!! Hopefully the boys in my sons Cub Scout Den like them!!! I will bring extra napkins because they are gonna be super messy!!! Thanks for such a great recipe!!!

    • Hi Shawna, I’m glad you thought they were delicious! Yes, it’s important not to make the layers too thick or it will be hard to bite through. Happy holidays!

  63. These were awesome! I filled everyone’s stocking with them for the holidays! Thanks! I did, however, make a few adjustments after the first few:

    -I used a mini-muffin tin and liners, because the standard size were just too huge! :)
    -I also didn’t bang the pan to flatten out the peanut butter layer, because I found that when you do that and the peanut butter is visible from the outside of the peanut butter cup, the peanut butter all oozes out when you take a bite because the chocolate layers are much stronger than the middle layer.

    So much fun, these were a hit! Love your blog and thanks for sharing!

  64. I love how pretty these came out! I recently tried my hand at homemade peanut butter cups using ice cube trays ( They turned out really great, but I love the idea of using a prettier mold like you used. Enjoyed the video too! So glad I found your blog.

  65. I just made these (the last layer just went into the freezer). I used a mini muffin pan cause I thought a regular muffin size was very big..I used ghiradelli semi sweet chips and peter pan PB..i am not sure where I went wrong but my PB mixture wasn’t very smooth or easy to spread. i think i may try more butter next time unless you have a suggestion. However, I tried one before they went into the freezer this last go and think they are very yummy and my sweets-loving family will probably gobble these up by the end of the weekend! thank you for such an awesome recipe!

    • Hi Nikki, that’s smart to make it the mini-size. I have never used Peter Pan so I’m not sure, but adding softened butter would definitely give it a smoother consistency. Cheers!

    • My PB was peter pan as well, and it was not as smooth to. But if u have a family that loves sweets (like mine) even if it is not smooth they will eat it, and love it.(My family did not notice that it was not smooth) And I spread it with my finger.(Just make sure you wash your hands before)

  66. These look SO good! I love PB Cups and making them myself sounds even better. I love being able to control exactly what goes into them. I can not wait to try them. Pinned for later! Happy friday!

  67. Omg! Thnx so much! But do you think i could replace the chocolate with nutella???

  68. just made these! kids have a blast banging the pan on the table! I made them do it outside so I wouldn’t get a headache! hahah. I love the simplicity of it all, and they were all gone the next day so that has to say something!


    I wanted to know if the butter I use will be okay?? Or does it have to be unsalted?I didn’t see a specification in the recipe :) THANK YOU !!

  70. Brenda Daykin

    Hi There,

    Do have the breakdown of nutritional values for each of your recipes? I try to cook from scratch as well but I do have to count carbohydrates as my son has Juvenile Diabetes. I love your recipes that you share and I agree that cooking from scratch does not have to be hard. If have ideas of some of the values can you pass them along to me…?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Brenda, I imagine that must be a challenge to count carbs for your son. I commend you for doing that! As far as nutritional information, I can’t put them on the site since it’s a big legal liability, but there is this fantastic website where you can copy and paste the recipe and it calculates everything for you. It’s great and I use it all the time! Here it is:

  71. Hi,
    I just made these, ate 2 and they are delicious. I will never buy another Reese pb cup again! My pb was very smooth and taking the time to bang the tin on my counter was helpful. These will be added to my Christmas cookie list, as I do a lot of chocolate dipping cookies. I may use a mini tin next time.

    • Hi Barbara, that’s wonderful! I’m glad you will add these to your cookie list for Christmas. I think using the mini tin is a great idea, it’d be easier to pop them in your mouth in one bite!

    • I used the mini tin, and I think its more the serving size. My dad looked at a mini one and wasnt quite sure if hes goin to eat the whole thing.

  72. I had a recipe years ago and the only thing it didn’t call for was the butter. It was just p-nut butter and the confectioners sugar, maybe that would keep the p-nut butter firmer when you bite?

  73. I made them in the small cupcake tins, and me and my family LOVED IT. I think the small ones are more serving size. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO very much for posting this!!!! One of my family members said it was 3 times better then the store bought ones. (And I agree) :) :)

  74. Hi Joanne,

    I was wondering if I could use darker chocolate, like 60% for this recipe?

    • Hi Tori, you definitely can, however I would recommend turning the chocolate layers into a chocolate ganache, otherwise the chocolate will likely be too hard to bite. Enjoy!

  75. Hi, I would like to try making these. I’m in Australia, what do you mean by semisweet Chocolate? And do you use Dark or Milk Chocolate. Many thanks for the recipe!

    • Hi Alyssa, it must have a different name there because semisweet chocolate is probably the most common variety here. But you can use any sort of chocolate you’d like! Milk will be sweeter, so just go according to your tastes. Enjoy!

  76. Just made these for my family and we LOVED them! Thank you for the great recipe and easy directions.

  77. Hi Jo! I’m not sure if you remember me I am Crimefighter5690 or Kuchisake Onna on YouTube.

    Yes I thought They would taste fine, but not look as good. I was wrong! They looked just as good as they tasted but there was one problem the first time I tried it.

    Semi-sweet gives you a chocolate rush alright! It is almost dark chocolate.
    That’s a big no-no in my home. Hahah everyone was complaining how bold the flavor was so I took them from the fridge and ate them all. (12) at 9:00 at night.

    So next time I went to the store I picked up milk chocolate and they were gone as soon as I finished them.

    Thanks Joan.

    • Hi Max, it’s great to see you here on the blog! Haha yes, some people don’t like semisweet chocolate because it’s not traditional, and it’s on the darker side. Glad everyone liked the milk chocolate version! Happy cooking =)

  78. what if I don’t have any butter? will it still come out the same? or could I substitute the butter with something else??

  79. Was searching the web yesterday for a recipe for peanut butter cups and found yours. Glad I did, made them today and they turned out awesome. Well I haven’t tried them yet, but my family told me they were awesome. Also tried the tortellini soup today and the family loved that too. So glad I found your blog. I’m going to try one of your pasta dished for tomorrows dinner. There are so many recipes that I want to try.

  80. I am just a little bit passionate about peanut butter…. these look incredible!

  81. I made these and then googled for tips on how to get them neater. So now I have to try banging the pan! But I just used melted chocolate chips and smart balance peanut butter. No added sugar or butter. And they came out delicious. Does adding butter and sugar make it easier to spread evenly? Even if so, not surer it is worth the extra calories.

    • Hi David, the butter and sugar are not necessary, they just make it a richer experience. If you’re already happy with what you’ve created, definitely no need to change it. Have fun!

  82. Hi there! This recipe looks so easy. I was looking for a home-made recipe for peanut butter cups so the next time I make some home-made chocolate ice cream, I could chop them up and put the little pieces into it for a yummy treat. I can hardly wait to try this! Thank you!

  83. If I keep this at room temp, will they melt and make a mess? I might use dark chocolate because the person I am going to gift these to loves the stuff. If I hide the dollop of PB inside the chocolate layer is there any chance of seepage?

    • The chocolate shouldn’t melt at room temperature, provided you don’t live somewhere crazy hot. Dark chocolate is fine, but if you want to have a softer texture, maybe add cream and make a chocolate ganache. I don’t think it will seep out if you make the chocolate layer thick enough on the side. Enjoy!

  84. Hi there!! These sound great! I would love to make these and add them to the holiday gift baskets that I give my family every year. But I was wondering if you know how long they will keep unrefrigerated? I was thinking of coating the sides with chocolate as well so that the peanut butter is completely covered (even though your way is much more appealing to look at).

    • You can use a peanut butter that’s shelf stable and already has sweetness and oil added to it to give it a smooth texture. Then you can skip adding the butter so it’s shelf stable for weeks.

  85. Jason Templeton

    My youngest son has a dairy allergy so would dairy-free butter be okay to substitute? I know you mentioned that it isn’t needed, but I’d prefer to use it as directed.

    • Hi Jason, I’ve never worked with dairy free butter but I’m sure it would work just fine. Oil would work too, or you can buy a peanut butter that already adds oil to improve texture. Enjoy!

  86. Michael Belaong

    I want a pb..but if you put on the top. Of the cups..?its ok ?

  87. FYI, this was the second result on a google search for reese peanut butter cup. I’ve never been here before either.

  88. Hi. When I try to make these, I put peanut butter in and then freeze it but the peanut butter doesn’t harden up. The peanut butter has quite a runny texture normally, any suggestions as to how I can fix it?

    • Hi Sherena, are you making your own peanut butter or purchasing it? Generally it shouldn’t be runny, but it really depends on the brand. You could omit the butter to retain a firmer texture.

  89. Hi, can’t wait to try these. I am making them ahead for Christmas Eve. Can I keep them in the freezer until then? She should I take them out for serving? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Lucia, I recommend storing them in the fridge. And yes, take them out and let them come to room temp before serving, otherwise they will be too hard. Or, you could layer the peanut butter with chocolate ganache instead, and they will have a softer texture and you can serve them cold out of the fridge.

      • I freezed mine and took them out just before serving and they are totally fine. I live in Australia so we have 35 degree days through Christmas so the colder the better!

  90. I made thesse but instead of mixing peanut butter and powdered sugar, I just put in a miniature reeses peanut butter cup and it’s a lot easier and quicker.

  91. Looking forward to this, especially since commercial Reese’s has the PGPR and what-not in it…

  92. Whats the peanut butter you’re using?it looks so rich and cool.or its one u made by hand ?

    • Hi Mina, I’m using Smucker’s natural peanut butter in this post. I now make my own with my Blendtec though =) Tastes so much better when it’s fresh!

  93. I love your site!! Your videos are well-made and very easy to understand. Recipes are easy to understand and easy to print. Already have printed out a couple of recipes to try.

  94. I need to make these now, I love peanut butter cups! I’d love to try it with other butters as well.

  95. How long will these keep? I don’t want to freeze them and discolour the chocolate. Tx.

  96. I made these two nights ago. The instructions you gave were spot on & easy to follow. I think I may use milk chocolate next time in place of the semi-sweet chocolate chips I used this time. It was just a little to bitter for me & my family. But, you’re right . . . I too tend to eat much less than the store-bought peanut butter cups. Thank you for sharing!

  97. I love this recipe… It is so easy, should be nice to sprinkle a few chopped peanuts on top. I really like you site, great pictures and recipes.

  98. hillcountrynell

    My son is absolutely addicted to peanut butter cups but the name brand ones have a chemical in them that he is sensitive to and he gets very sick every time he eats them. So I told him I would find a recipe we could make together so he can still have his favorite treat. Haven’t made them yet, but they look perfect and easy to make. Thanks for the recipe!

  99. Now that Reese’s has the awesome cups with Butterfinger, you gotta try adding that next!

  100. I found that when I bit into the pb cup the cups weren’t sticking to the pb and the pb fell out the sides. any suggestions?

    • Hi Audrey, there are two things you could do. You can tilt the chocolate layer on the bottom all around to come up the sides of the cupcake liners to enclose the peanut butter. Additionally, you could make the chocolate softer by doing a chocolate ganache instead (adding cream will soften the texture).

  101. Hi, love your recipe it’s spot on! One question though, the milk chocolate I’m using turns into a small rock texture and it hardened while heating. What went wrong?

  102. One of my favorite treats! Thrilled that I now know how to make them at home :) Happy Friday :)

  103. I just made these, and on a whim I decided to throw some rice crispies in the pb mix… and ooooh lordy!!! This is so good it should be banned!!

  104. Swapped with almond butter. Delish!ย 

  105. do we have to use the butter and sugar?

  106. Sprinkle with a touch of pink himalayan salt then try and stop at oneย 

  107. Ok so I made these and yesterday and my son, hubby and I loved them… But they are hard to eat. The peanut butter oozes out and the chocolate is really hard. We did try leaving them out but the peanut butter still al comes out. Any suggestions? My husband says to use thinner layer of chocolate, so I will try that next time but it looks like yours have a pretty thick later! Thanks for the recipe!!! I loooove Reese’s but I don’t like the ingredients!

  108. billy patscher jr .

    hi, this is a great website where do i sign up for a enewsletter thanks billy how do i save this email so i can view itl ater at my lesiure thanks billy

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