How to Segment an Orange

In this quick visual guide, you’ll learn How to Segment an Orange. It’s great for any dish where you only want the juicy orange flesh, without the membranes.

Whenever I make salads with oranges, whether sweet or savory, I always use segmented orange pieces.

how to segment an orange

It takes a couple minutes, but it makes for a worthwhile eating experience where you get to enjoy the sweet and juicy pieces of orange, without any membrane.

How to Segment an Orange:

Start by trimming off the top and bottom of the orange:

How to Cut an Orange

Place the orange on its flat bottom side, then use a knife to cut off the peel on the sides:

How to Cut A Orange

Make sure to remove all of the white pith:

Cut Orange

Now use a knife to cut alongside each one of the white lines:

How to Peel Orange Segments

And the orange segments will come right out:

How to Cut an Orange into Segments

Keep repeating this process, cutting on both sides of each white line:

How to Cut Oranges

You want to get as close to the membrane lines as possible, to maximize the bits of orange you’re taking out:

Cutting an Orange

Once you’ve gone all the way around, you’ll have your orange segments, and then the leftover membranes:

Best Way to Cut an Orange

Don’t let the leftovers go to waste!

I like to put it into a lemon squeezer, and squeeze out any remaining juice that I can:

Squeezing Fresh Cut Orange for Juice

I can usually get several tablespoons!

Then, you can discard the membranes.

Feel free to use the segments for fruit salads, or even dishes like this Seared Ahi Tuna with Orange Avocado Salsa.

Orange Segment


Recipes Where You Can Use Orange Segments: