How to Nail Pasta Carbonara

How to nail Pasta Carbonara

Pasta carbonara is one of those dishes that seems to make everyone swoon. I remember dining out with friends at an Italian restaurant, and when the waiter mentioned a carbonara special, everybody ooohed and ahhhed—and half the table ended up ordering it. Totally justified, if you ask me. A good carbonara is creamy, saucy heaven.

I distinctly remember the first time I ever tried to make pasta carbonara, many years ago. I remember because I totally botched it and ended up making scrambled egg pasta. The reason? I tried to make it in a rush, and I didn’t have all the mise en place and correct equipment ready to go.

This is the kind of recipe where you need to be in control of all the moving parts, because you need to properly time just about every component: the cooking of the bacon, the pasta, and having the egg cheese mixture ready to go. They all have to be ready to come together at the right moment. The method below is how I line everything up so I can nail the execution every time instead of ending up with breakfast pasta.

How to nail Pasta Carbonara

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