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Homemade Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are a classic fair treat, and now you can make them at home! Mix together a quick cornmeal batter, dip the hot dogs, and fry!

Homemade Corn Dogs Recipe from @fifteenspatulas

It’s amazing how much of a role nostalgia plays with food, isn’t it?

When I make these homemade corn dogs, all I think about is how much I have always loved gnawing the extra little bit of cornbread batter off the bottom of the stick. Because corn dogs are really about the cornbread batter, don’t you think? The cornbread batter is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes to put together. Mix the dry ingredients, which includes cornmeal, flour, leavening, sugar, salt, and a little nutmeg:

Corn Dogs From Scratch

Always give the dry ingredients a little whisk to combine and evenly distribute the ingredients:

Corn Dogs from Scratch Recipe

Mix the dry ingredients with buttermilk and eggs, and be sure to leave some lumps so you don’t overmix:

corn dogs from scratch

Skewer your hot dogs on wooden sticks and roll the hot dogs in flour. Shake off any excess:

corn dogs from scratch

Transfer the cornbread batter to a tall glass and dip the floured hot dogs into the batter, coating it all over.

How to Make Corn Dogs

Fry the corn dogs at 350 degrees F for 3 minutes and serve alongside ketchup or mustard!

Homemade Corn Dogs from Scratch Recipe

Homemade Corn Dogs Recipe

Yield: 4 corndogs, but easily doubles, triples


3/4 cup yellow cornmeal
3/4 cup all purpose flour
1.5 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp nutmeg
3/4 cup buttermilk
2 eggs
4 hot dogs
all purpose flour, for rolling
vegetable or peanut oil, for frying


Preheat the fryer to 350 degrees F.

To make the batter, whisk to combine the cornmeal, flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, salt, and nutmeg. In another small bowl, whisk to combine the buttermilk and eggs, and mix this into the dry ingredients until there are no more streaks of flour, but be sure to leave lumps in the batter (do not stir those out, as you may overmix). Transfer the batter to a tall glass.

Skewer the hot dogs onto wooden sticks and roll the hot dogs in enough flour to coat, then shake the excess off. Dip the floured hot dogs into the tall cup of batter and put them straight into the fryer for about 3 minutes, but be sure not to overcrowd your fryer. Depending on size, you might need to make two or three batches. The corn dogs are ready when the exterior is golden brown.

Serve the corn dogs with ketchup and mustard if desired, and enjoy!

Recipe very slightly adapted from August/September 2012 Issue of Cook's Country. I thought nutmeg went better with the batter than cayenne, and I halved the recipe since 8 hot dogs was too much, using a slightly higher proportion of buttermilk.

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  1. I have been wanting to make homemade corn dogs for awhile. My husband doesn’t like them though, so I haven’t done it. I might just have to give in anyway!

  2. I’ve made my own before and seriously way better than any store bought! Yours look great, I could munch on a few right now..

  3. I think maybe nutmeg and cayenne and chopsticks instead of skewers…..less chance for you or the kids to stab themselves! Yum!

  4. OMG. I just fell in love with you (in a platonic way, of course).

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE corn dogs! This is a good excuse to stay away from the crowds at the fair this year! I don’t have a fryer though…my husband and I refuse to get one because I KNOW we would be frying everything! Haha! Is there any other way I could cook these, maybe in a shallow pan with oil??

    • Hi Crystal, LOL I know what you mean, I got the fryer as a Christmas gift and was kind of mad! I was like oh no, this is my downfall. But funny enough I actually don’t use it that often! You can definitely fry these in a pan, but you should use a thermometer to get the temp right, or they will get greasy.

      • I have a deep fryer but prefer to use a big, Dutch oven sized pot instead. The oil heats faster & using a thermometer that clips to the pot helps me regulate the temperature. The only problem I have is that the corndogs fry a bit & then rise to the surface where they refuse to turn over so the batter on one side is cooked but the other side is raw. Any suggestions?

        • Hi Judy, as far as I know there’s no way around that, I have to keep the corn dogs rolling as well. Often I use tongs to grab the stick and hold it down in the oil.

          • That’s what I do too. Was hoping you had a trick or two tucked up your sleeve. Wishful thinking, I know…….Thanks for the yummy recipe.

  6. Never made these at home but always wanted too! You’ve pushed me into it!!! Thank you!

  7. Wow, I’ve never thought of making corn dogs at home, but it sounds delicious! I really love that corn bread taste (: What a wonderful recipe!

  8. Ooooo, cornmeal goodness right there! Corn dogs take my mind back to the Wisconsin State Fair. I’m going to have to try this recipe soon. :)

  9. These are SO nostalgic and fun, Joanne! I bet these taste 110x better than anything out of a box. Yummy recipe!

  10. I love a good corndog with lots and lots of mustard. A guilty pleasure!!

  11. I’m so excited about trying this recipe. It’s great that we have the option of whichever ‘kind’ of hotdog we like! All Beef, Turkey, even Kielbasa! I’m always suspicious of what type of hotdogs are used. Thank You!!

    • I hope you enjoy it! And yes, you can use whatever hot dog you’d like! I found some great hot dogs from Whole Foods that didn’t have gross things in them =)

  12. I love these so much! I haven’t had a corn dog in so many years!

  13. I have made them before and they were really good but a pain bc I used a bowl. A cup is genius! I bought hot dogs yesterday so I can try this recipe. Thanks, Joanne!!

  14. I totally have to make these! Yum :)

  15. Oh my word, my kids would love me forever if I made these!!

  16. I was just wondering if these can be frozen after they are made?

  17. Those look sooo good. I love corn dogs.

    • I used cornmeal mix instead of yellow cornmeal and I put about a tsp of lemon juice in my milk since I had no buttermilk…. Out of 3 diff. recipes I think this one taste the best. Thank YOu !

  18. Hi Joanne,
    I love your site !!
    Got a question for you.
    Do you think it would work if I baked it in a muffin pan instead of frying it?


    • Hi Christina, I’d advise finding a recipe that’s specifically Baked Corn Dog Muffins, just because I’ve never tried it and I don’t believe this recipe is suited for that. You’ll have a better chance of success.

  19. How in the world did you get the batter to stick to the hotdog? It kept coming off so after cooking one side would always have hotdog hanging out. It was also too heavy for my bamboo skewers and would slide right off them.

  20. Hi Joanne, these look absolutely delicious!

    I live in Australia and we don’t have corn dogs here but I have always wanted to try them, so I’d love to give this recipe a go :)
    A quick question though, do you need to boil the hotdogs first before rolling them in flour or do you just leave them raw when you do it?

    • Hi Kurt, in the US hot dogs are fully cooked when sold in stores. If you look on the package it should state whether or not the product is fully cooked, and it should be cooked already (so no need to boil the hot dogs in that case). Enjoy!!

  21. Hi, I’m from South Africa but spent a few years when I was a child in the US. I remember eating corn dogs at the fairs. We don’t get them here and I’ve been dying to have them.
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe, def gonna try this holiday!

  22. Oooooooo! it looks so good! I can’t wait to try them! The thing is, I don’t have any buttermilk. Is there anything I can replace the buttermilk with?

  23. When doubling this, do you use 4 eggs? I’ve tried doubling small recipes before where they came out a bit off due to too much egg in the batter. I’m planning to try these tomorrow :-)

    • Hi Virginia, yes, I would do 4 eggs in doubling. I know what you’re talking about but I think for this recipe it would be fine. Enjoy!

      • Actually, I didn’t need to double it. I was able to get 8 corn dogs out of this recipe. The only thing I had to do different from your instructions was not roll the dogs in flour. The ones in rolled in flour, the batter rolled right off, but the ones I didn’t turned out perfect.

  24. I would love to try this recipe, and I will. I have a question though. I have made other corndog recipes before and always have trouble getting the corndog to brown evenly on all sides. Usually the top of the corndog as it floats on the top of the oil in my deep fryer is not very brown at all. When I try to turn it over to brown the other side, it just rolls back over. Any tips?

    • -Use a deep pasta pot and fill it to ablout halfway with oil, like: canola, vegitable or sunflower oil and heat it on medium heat on your stove top for about 10 minutes, then before you put the dogs in turn it down to mid low heat, if the oil is too hot.
      -Use a fork or two to hold it on the side you want.

  25. The batter needs more liquid, it was more like a dough. I would add like an extra 1 1/4 or more of buttermilk… I would suggest taking the hotdogs out of the fridge a half hour before hand so there not still cold in the center. Our dogs cooked instantly so I’d suggest watch it and see when its done for yourself.

  26. Just made these, my first attempt. Very good! I especially like being able to choose the type/brand of hot dog! Throw a little chopped onion in the leftover batter & drop by spoonful into the oil for hushpuppies.

  27. This may be a dumb question but I don’t have corn meal. Can I use cornbread muffin mix instead? Wanted to make this with my daughter.

  28. I also enjoyed making these today – the dough was so fluffy just had a lovely texture, crackly and soft at the same time. They were also very nostalgic for me, as this was one of my favorite treats as a kid. I also took the extra dough was drop it by tablespoonfuls into the hot oil and fry them up like hushpuppies. They were almost more addictive than the corn dogs. I love cook’s country!!

  29. Can’t wait to try this with veggie dogs! Yummm

  30. Been wanting to make these for my girls but no cornmeal where we live now. What substitution might work best? Thanks!

  31. James G Banks

    I really like the idea of adding nutmeg. Too many times someone tries to SPICE it up and the results end up disastrous. I have never been a fan of sweet cornbread for instance, but a good corn dog must have a mildly sweet taste. Also, I raise peppers from mild to melt your hot. I like hot stuff, but with the beautifully simple corn dog, adding anything but maybe a touch of nutmeg, cloves, allspice, or maybe even anise, would be sacrilege. A tip to keep the batter from touching the sides or bottom of your frying implement is to dip the corn dog in the oil and slowly spin the skewer for about 20 seconds then hold it down with a pot or fryer id until it is done. Another unique way is to use a cordless drill on low speed like a hand mixer. Sure you can usually do one at a time, but it is so much more fun.

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