Dearest friends and readers,

Thank you so much for the hundreds of messages and comments you have shared with me since my post yesterday. Your kind notes brought me to tears, because I know that I am so supported, held, and loved during this dark time.

I was able to complete a second attempt at an MRI earlier today under sedation and painkiller injections, and my neurosurgeon just called me after reviewing the results. She said I have the biggest herniated disk she has ever seen in her career and is making preparations to have me in for emergency surgery tomorrow.

I am so scared, but I am also so relieved to know that I am almost there. After many obstacles, I am almost there. I truly believe that your prayers and support have gotten me here. There is finally an end in sight. Thank you so much for giving me hope, love, and prayers. I am so grateful.

Please keep me in your thoughts tomorrow as I undergo my spine surgery.

With love,