Making up my own thanksgiving turkey recipe would just be silly, because Alton Brown’s method is the only way, as far as I’m concerned.  There’s a reason it’s the most heavily reviewed recipe on and why it has perfect 5 out of 5 stars across the board.  It’s the king of turkey recipes.

Turkey should be brined, so that it stays juicy and moist, and also for even seasoning within the meat.  It’s easy to do and makes all the difference.  You will need a big bag to brine the turkey in (or you can use a bucket), but I like to use a turkey brining bag.  That amazon price is fairly expensive, so try to look for it in store.  I think Bed Bath & Beyond has it for $5 instead.  Last year I got my bag at Whole Foods for $4.  Here’s the recipe:

Good Eats Roast Turkey by Alton Brown.

See you tomorrow for a recipe!