The Best Goodies from Trader Joe’s

To be clear, this is not sponsored, this is just for the lovers of Trader Joe’s out there. These would be great last-minute gifts to pick up as stocking stuffers or as hostess gifts.

Merry Christmas Eve! I’m writing to you from California, where I’m visiting my family for the holidays. We have been eating like crazy! I tell myself every year that this will finally be the year where I don’t gain any weight during the holidays, but as usual, that hasn’t been the case so far. My only saving grace is that I lost 10 pounds after the surgery so technically I’m still at a net loss =) I’m having a lot of fun eating delicious food and it feels great to have my appetite back!

Today I have something special for you. Not a recipe, but a guest post from my dear friend Bridget from Bake at 350. I’ll let Bridget explain more below, but she and her son have tested and rounded up the best sweet treats from Trader Joe’s, and she shares them with you below.
Helloooooo, Fifteen Spatulas fans! I’m Bridget from Bake at 350. I love Joanne so much and am so happy to be here guest posting today!

So, I know that Joanne loves Trader Joe’s like I do.  My teenage son and I have a weekly series on Bake at 350 called “Sweet on Trader Joe’s Saturday.”  We review a Trader Joe’s sweet or dessert each week…sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. 😉

Since many of you will be traveling over the holidays, I thought some of you might get a chance to visit TJ’s for the first time.

Here are our 5-Star reviews!

(Meaning: buy them.)  These are some of the best desserts we’ve found at Trader Joe’s. Click the links to read our full reviews.

So nice being here today!  Love Trader Joe’s?  Read all of our Sweet on Trader Joe’s dessert review posts!

Thank you, Bridget! Happy holidays everyone! <3