Thanksgiving Plans + a one-time invitation to join my Beauty and Skincare Email List

Hi friend,

I hope you’re having a wonderful fall season, and have glorious eating plans for Thanksgiving.

I have family flying in from California to enjoy Thanksgiving with us here in our new home (our first holiday in our house!) and I am really excited to make and enjoy a feast with them.

I reviewed this Thoughts from Thanksgiving post I shared on the blog and it has helped shape my menu plans for this year.

Turkey Breast Recipe For Thanksgiving

Tentatively here’s what I’m planning:

  • Before dinner:
    • An epic cheese board, including a warm baked brie wheel smothered with apple butter and wrapped in puff pastry, plus other cut cheeses from the store, homemade maple glazed nuts (like these Maple Glazed Walnuts), crackers, charcuterie, and antipasto
    • A spiced apple cider to enjoy with the cheese board, and make the house smell wonderful
  • Main Meal:
  • Dessert:

Honestly we’re all a little short for ideas on the dessert besides the pecan pie and lemon pie (which are our MUST’S), which is a little surprising since….well, it’s dessert! We’ll figure out something else to add.

What are you planning this year? Is there anything you MUST make? I’d love to hear!

And if you have any questions or recipe requests before Thanksgiving, please let me know.

On another note, because you are a subscriber to my blog, I want to invite you to receive content I will be sharing on a new topic: safer skincare and beauty. 

It’s a bit different from the recipes and life/family posts that I normally share, however it’s something I’ve very passionate about, have spent a TON of time learning about, and feel I can offer value and education on the topic.

As I said, because it’s a different kind of topic, I want to allow people to opt-in, so out of respect for people who may not be interested, unless you subscribe to my list, this is the first and last time you’ll hear about it. 

My quick story:

The reason why I decided to start sharing about skincare and beauty is because there is SO much misinformation and many conflicting opinions about how to best take care of your skin. I have long struggled with certain skin issues like acne, dryness in some parts and oiliness in others, brown spots, and more, and not knowing how to fix those issues (or rather, not knowing who to listen to, since advice varies so greatly).

I also had a HORRIBLE reaction to a new (expensive!) skin cream over a year ago, where my face was so swollen I couldn’t fully open my eyes. From then on I decided I was going to learn as much as I could about skin care, and read every single book on skin that I could get my hands on.

In my research I’ve also discovered how the majority of personal care products use unsafe ingredients, and will share other options for high-performing and safer skincare (and a few homemade recipes too).

Now I want to start sharing this knowledge with you.

A few examples of topics I will cover/teach:

  • The purpose of various skin products (like did you know that toner brings the pH of your skin back to its natural acidic state, because cleansers are alkaline?)
  • Why you should exfoliate every day
  • What ingredients fix certain skin issues, and what ingredients are harmful
  • Beauty tutorials, like how to properly layer concealers, foundation, and powder.

I will send an email out once or twice a month, and the emails are free (like this one). My goal is to educate people on how to have better, safer skin, and ultimately my goal is to provide value, like I do with sharing recipes with you.

I really want to encourage you to join if you have any interest at all in learning about how to improve your skin, how the skin works, and about safer skincare. You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you subscribe to my skincare list, you’ll immediately receive an email with my 3 best daily practices for better skin, plus a quick overview on how the skin works.

You can subscribe to my skincare and beauty list by clicking here and entering your email.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help.

Talk soon,