Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce

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I wasn’t sold on cranberry sauce until my friend Jess visited me for Thanksgiving many years ago and insisted we must have it on the table and must cook it homemade. Oh that girl, she changed my life. Now I always have to make extra because I find myself sneaking to the fridge to eat spoonfuls of it in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

As a child, all I knew was the jellied cranberry that came in a can, and it was more something I wanted to play with than eat. The entertaining suction noise it made coming out of the can, the endless finger-poking I did to muse at its jiggliness … that was about the extent of my cranberry sauce experience.

Now I dare say it is one of my favorite and most essential parts of the Thanksgiving feast. The texture of the popped cranberries, the subtle hints of cinnamon and orange, how the tanginess and sweetness hit you at the same time. It’s grand. And so easy! It’s the first thing I make for Thanksgiving, usually a couple days ahead.

Get the step-by-step recipe here.