Surgery #2

Hi dear friends,


I’ve debated back and forth about whether or not to share this here. But it feels odd not to share this with you, especially since it doesn’t feel like I’ve been fully present in this space since before my spine surgery.


I am having surgery this week to have a mass removed from my appendix area (it is not related to my spine surgery from six months ago). I found out about the mass while I was still doing physical therapy for my spine, so it doesn’t feel like I’ve had a break from regular medical care. For me, the toughest part about medical challenges is the effect they have on the rest of my life. I have felt sad about not being able to work on my blog as much as normal, because this space and community give me so much joy.


I run Fifteen Spatulas by myself, so inevitably, some of my momentum has disappeared as I’ve had to take time to attend to my health. I just haven’t been able to create content and post as consistently as in the past. If you’ve ever had big medical hurdles, you know how time consuming health matters can be.


The reason why I wanted to share this with you was to let you know why I haven’t been here as fully as in the past, but also to say THANK YOU if you’re reading this and have stayed with me throughout all of this. Thank you for caring about me, for being compassionate. Thank you for joining me in this space, and sharing with me a love for cooking and food. It really does mean more to me than you know.


I will update here after the surgery with how I’m feeling, and also with the results of the mass, but all the doctors I have seen think the mass is benign. Also, I’m thrilled that this surgery should be much easier to recover from than the spine surgery. I feel very lucky that I seem to have more good news than anything here, but I admit I’m still scared. I hope and pray all goes well.


Unlike the time leading up to the spine surgery, I am not in pain, so I have been able to live my life normally up to this point and should be able to return quickly after my surgery. I am still eager to share recipes with you and there shouldn’t be too long of a break. I’m looking forward to it!


Before I go, I have had a few people ask about how my spine surgery recovery is going, and I’m doing great! I recently decided to invest in a personal trainer so I can continue to care for my body, now that I’m done with physical therapy. I technically have six more months until full recovery, but I truly feel like I’m able to live my life fully right now. Thanks so much for all your kind thoughts and support around this.


With gratitude,