Slow Food First Coast’s Tour de Farm

At first glance, the farm may not seem like a very interesting place. There’s big open areas of grass, lots of bugs, and maybe not a whole lot more than that. I suspect that as a child, the place would’ve bored me.

I can say the opposite is true now. Going to the farm for me is like a 5 year old kid going to the candy store.

Everything at the farm is bursting with life. All the vegetables and fruits are crisp and fresh, chickens are running around digging for worms, and cows moo like crazy.

Slow Food First Coast had an event yesterday called Tour de Farm, a day when several farms open up house to let people visit, learn, eat, and play.

The two farms I went to were Down to Earth and Conner’s A-Maize-Ing Acres. My favorite part about both was all of the lettuce. My eyes couldn’t believe how textured and crisp all of the greens were.

Do you ever find yourself going into the store, there to pick up ingredients to satisfy your craving for a fresh vibrant salad, only to discover the lettuce looks limp and sad…?

…leathery instead of crisp…a bit wilted???

There are no such characteristics to be found at the farm. Look how crisp and vibrant this gorgeous red leaf lettuce is:

The same can be said for onions from the grocery store. Have you ever reached into the bin of onions at the store, only to find sad little rotting onions that are probably a thousand years old? I have…many times. How about instead you pluck your own fresh right out of the ground:

And well, looking at the fresh produce is great and all, but how about eating it?! Down to Earth had the chefs from Taverna serve up strawberry cucumber mojitos, made with farm fresh ingredients from the field:
If you want to find a farm close to you, great sites to check out are Pick Your Own, Local Harvest, or Eat Well Guide.

I want to thank all the farms and Slow Food First Coast for putting together the event, it was a blast!

Hope all of you readers enjoyed the photos and see you on Wednesday =)