Savannah Bee Company: Fine Honey Foodie Heaven on River Street

While in Savannah a couple weeks ago with my momma, we stumbled across a store filled with honey, honey, and more honey.  If you’ve only ever had that generic honey (you know, the kind in the bear shaped bottles that doesn’t taste all that exciting), you have no idea what you’re missing.  There is no way to describe the complex flavors of the honeys inside the store, so fortunately, they allow and encourage you to taste all of their honeys (you literally take a spoon and walk down a little table with pump bottles of all their honeys).  The bounty of candy shops full of world famous pralines and caramel candies (like River Street Sweets and Savannah Candy Kitchen) were what excited me when visiting Savannah, but I’m sorry to say, they have been trumped by a new and better kind of sugar.  Check it out:

Note: I did not have my dSLR with me, so these were all taken with a point and shoot.  I did the best I could.

You get to grab a spoon and taste all the different kinds of honey.  The differences in flavor are just incredible.  I have a whole new respect for honey and those little bees!  Look at the differences in color as well:

Here’s a little view of a section from the river street store, with an assortment of beautiful honeys:

Sourwood honey is the next, and it was my second favorite.  It has subtle notes of molasses, caramel, and mocha, and it’s equivalent in wine would be the Cabernet.  YUM:

You even got to try little pieces of honeycomb, with some apples and cheese:

My favorite honey?  The Black Sage (pictured at the top) which is an extremely rare honey, because its flower blooms only 4 years out of every 10.  Nuts, huh?  The flavor just knocks my socks off.  I eat it with a spoon and nothing else.

Don’t you wish you had one of these honey stores in your town?  I’m going to have to make a trip out again very soon.  Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!  See you Monday =) is their website for those of you who want to check it out.