Two Pie Crust Videos!

Hi friends!

Did you have a lovely Christmas holiday? I spent mine in California in my hometown, and I am still recovering from my Christmas feast coma. You know, the kind of intense food coma where someone could wave your favorite food in your face and you’d go “no…no more food, please.”

Much like I imagine you’re doing, these days I’m wrapping up 2012 and starting to think about the new year. But before 2012 comes to a close, I wanted to address the number one request I get from you guys, which is for help and tips when making pie crust.

A long time ago I wrote this article, Taming the Unruly Pie Crust, but the problem is words can’t tell the entire story. So I spent a little time making a video on how to make pie crust, so you can see exactly what everything is supposed to look like along the way.

I also made another video showing you techniques for rolling and pressing out the crust, and why you should be blind baking every pie crust you make:

Happy Holidays!