One Last Hurrah for Summer

Every time it happens, I can’t believe it.

August is counting down its last days, and summer is coming to an end.

Summer is my favorite season.

And I’ll miss it dearly.

I’ll miss dining al fresco on the back patio, under the crooked white umbrella, sipping white wine and smelling the faintest hint of orange and lemon in the air as the wind blows down from the orange trees.

I’ll miss plucking fresh blackberries off the bush, and giggling to myself the whole time through about that one time my stepdad accidentally fell off the ledge reaching just a little too far for that one perfect blackberry, barely beyond his reach.

I’ll miss my mother’s summer BBQs, where you stuff your belly with 3 days worth of food, and think to yourself that the hunger you must endure for the next three days to offset the feast is so worth it.

I’ll miss long walks on the beach, with soft grainy sand in between my toes, the ocean mist making my hair frizz ever so slightly, and listening to the best sound in the whole world…ocean waves crashing up onto the beach.

I’ll miss trips to the Farmer’s Markets, finding the most plump, deep purple Concord grapes, and sitting at the table with my mother eating them one by one, reminiscing about the past and memories from long ago.

But when I look out my window at the apple tree way up on the hill, I’m reminded that fall brings apples.

And changing leaves.

And cold weather and lots of snuggling and blankets.

I like that too.

I’m ready for you, fall.