On Set at ABC’s The Chew + The Dogfish Head Brewery + Goodbye to the South

Hello friends!

The past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind. My husband and I found out we are being moved to Connecticut next month, so 10 days ago we hit the road to drive from Jacksonville FL to Connecticut to go househunting, eat the most expensive meal so far of our lives ($350…eek!), see where the world’s greatest beer is made, and visit the set of ABC’s food talk show The Chew.

First we stopped at what’s probably my husband’s new favorite place on earth, the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware.

I’m not a beer drinker (and actually, not much of a drinker at all), but this place was cool. Dogfish Head is very adventurous with their recipes and they will try anything and everything with their beer. They told us about a beer they recently made with fresh lobsters…though they never said it was good so I’m guessing it was a flop…but hey, kudos to them for trying it.

I may not be much of a drinker, but I sure love booze in my food and this dessert was no exception. It’s a piece of Chicory Stout Bacon Chocolate Cheesecake from their Brewpub.

Chocolate + Stout + Bacon = Greatness

And I’ve also discovered that I like booze in my pickles too:

We stopped in Manhattan for a few days and went to see a taping of ABC’s food talk show The Chew. It was both Michael Symon’s and Mario Batali’s birthday!

I loved how friendly all of the co-hosts were.

I’m always amazed by how many people work behind the scenes at these shows. There are 5 hosts on the show but at least 50 people who were there either working in production, food, or setup.

My husband and I also celebrated our anniversary at Daniel in NYC, which is a 3 Michelin star rated restaurant. It was a $350 meal but was worth every penny. Sadly I don’t have any photos because the dining room is very formal, but you bet I will be recreating a few of the dishes I had, to be posted on Fifteen Spatulas and shared with you, of course!

I love moving and living in different parts of the world, and can’t wait for all the new ways of life living in New England (and eating lots of cheap, fresh seafood). Goodbye, South. I will miss your shrimp and grits and fried green tomatoes!