Noodles with Doodles: An Experiment

Today I bring to you a little experiment I did with the Pasta Maker my brothers Andrew and Stephen got me for Christmas (thank you brothers)!  A long time ago I saw this post Noodles with Doodles from Cafe Liz and knew it would be the first thing I did if I ever got a pasta maker.  My noodles here would probably more appropriately be called stripey camo noodles, but it’s the same idea.  Let me show you how I did it.

Make two batches of pasta, one regular (I did my 1-2-3 fresh pasta), and one beet version.  Roll them out as usual, then cut one of them into noodles and lay them all on top of the other kind, like this:

Start rolling the pasta sheet and noodles out together, until eventually they become one pasta sheet, like this:

You can then cut that into noodles and cook them however you like.  However, the reason I’m posting this as an un-wordless-wednesday is because I found the color cooked out a bit when I boiled them.  This might work better with something like squid ink pasta or green pasta, but have fun experimenting!