Life Lately & Links 5

Happy Friday! We just returned from a fantastic week in Salt Lake City. I have several friends that live there, and admittedly I pondered the thought of moving to Salt Lake. It’s beautiful, the food is fantastic, and there are so many great places to hike. The people there are incredibly friendly too.

Even though I have endless things to catch up on, I made a proper dinner from scratch last night for us to eat as a family. I can’t overstate how wonderful it is to enjoy a home cooked meal after eating out for a week. I made these easy Spice Rubbed Chicken Thighs with Sazon Seasoning that I keep pre-mixed on hand, plus a salad linked below and a quick cauliflower rice. It sounds like a lot, but you just rub some chicken with spices and toss it in the oven, then make the caulirice and salad while the chicken cooks. It was lovely to sit at our table again and eat!

I also went on a big grocery re-stocking trip, and picked up some fresh flowers. I have to confess that I don’t like spending a lot of money on flowers. I feel a little guilty since it’s not essential (like food is), so when I want to treat myself, I get the $4.99 bunch of hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s, and put it in a cute pitcher. I think it looks really nice and it doesn’t require any special arranging (which I’m dreadful at).

Rain is in the forecast for days on end, so our weekend will be spent catching up on work and house tasks. What are your weekend plans?

White Hydrangeas In Hearth And Hand Pink Striped Ceramic Pitcher

This Week’s Links:

Buttermilk brined broccoli sounds kind of strange, but I want to try it.

I LOVE Nitro coffee, and I’m not even a regular coffee drinker.

Bookmarking these food spots for my next trip to NYC.

I miss The Cotswolds.

So much truth in #1 and #3. I’m striving for the same life goals.

Last night for dinner I tried this unusual salad and enjoyed having something different from my norm.

This safer spray-on sunscreen made with zinc oxide (instead of oxybenzone) recently launched, and it’s fantastic! As a consultant for Beautycounter we got to pre-order it. It’s easier to put spray sunscreen on James than lotion.

I’ve seen recipes for Lamingtons many times, but have never tried it. Maybe I’ll have to make some.

Or make these Coconut Bars. Macaroons were always one of my favorites.

I bookmarked this post a while back and just revisited it. There’s a lot of stuff that Pete and I had in storage while were living in NYC, and now that we’re sorting through it again in the new house, we realized we don’t need them anymore.

This is a really cool Amazon Prime perk at Whole Foods, and I’m hoping they expand it beyond Florida (it sounds like they will).

Homemade dressing is worth the effort.

I had my hair done in a professional updo for my friend’s wedding, and it makes me want to do that again for future weddings. This style is GORGEOUS!

Committing to decision and action is powerful stuff, and a goal I spelled out for 2018.

Have a great weekend,