Life Lately & Links 3

Happy Friday!

There’s a community-run farm a few minutes from our house, and we took James for a sheep shearing event they hosted for the public. There was live music, arts & crafts of every sort, hayrides, and tons of different animals to see. If I went to an event like this on my own I’d probably be a little bored, but it’s amazing how fun it is when you have kids. It takes so much less to entertain young children. James loved the animals and had a great time. Admittedly, I love being around animals too.

Lately we are trying to integrate ourselves into the community more. I’m kind of embarrassed to say this, but we’ve been here almost a year and haven’t really made new friends. We have a couple of friends in the area who we already knew, and we’ve made a few acquaintances with people, but there isn’t a level of closeness yet. I know this is a challenging thing for everyone and it takes time, but I can’t help but wonder how much time?

Pete and I try to put ourselves out there and talk to people while we’re out, especially at the park, but a lot of times people seem hesitant to interact. I’m not sure if that’s just how it is at the playground, or if people are mostly closed off for other reasons, but it feels puzzling sometimes. Especially when I see so many articles on the internet and in the papers about how people are more lonely than ever. Anyway, Pete and I just carry on trying to strike up conversations with people wherever we go, not necessarily expecting anything, but simply enjoying some conversation. I’m sure that openness is most of what’s to it anyway. I’ve also heard that making friends is easier when you have kids starting school, so maybe we have to wait!

This Week’s Links:

Wow, what a neat place.

I found this guide useful. One time I tried the self-clean feature and the whole house smelled like it had been lit on fire.

I tried this recipe last night and was surprised how good it was. It’s quite simple, but I trusted Bree when she said it was good, and it is.

If you’re into self-help, this podcast is incredible. I’ve listened to about 30 episodes and many of the takeaways are mind-blowing.

This makes all the difference. Pete and I always get nightmares if it’s too hot.

YES to less social media time. I stopped posting on Instagram a couple months ago, then finally deleted it from my phone last week. It has been a tremendously positive experience (and has allowed me to spend more time here on the blog and in my real life).

Pete borrowed this movie from the library, and while I wasn’t expecting to like it, I got hooked immediately. A moving film.

For the ladies reading (or men doing their lady’s laundry). I definitely won’t wash mine that much, but I will more often.

Stephen Hawking’s Final Theory. Most space stuff is totally above my head, but I find it fascinating. Sometimes when I’m feeling a little too sucked into life, I go outside at night and look at all the stars. It instantly puts everything in a different perspective.

I am trying to build a closer connection with my neighbors lately, and this article has some good tips. I also gave a batch of Lavender Shortbread Cookies to the Italian woman across the street yesterday, and I think cookies always help too 🙂

A (relatively) easy to understand overview of your body’s lymph system. It’s always good to know more about how our bodies work.

I cleaned my entire fridge and freezer this week and found a jar of caramel in the freezer. It really does freeze like a dream.

Have a great weekend,