Life Lately & Links 23: Final Edition

Happy Friday! Yes, it’s true, this will be the final edition of Life Lately & Links. Thank you so much for reading these posts, as I have really enjoyed curating these links and sharing updates with you. I will still do Life Lately posts every once in a while, like I did before, to share the big and eventful things that are happening around here. Also, this is very much a “one door closes and another one opens” sort of situation. I am always thinking of ways to best provide value and share good things with you, and to connect around food and life. Like usual, recipes remain my priority, and I’ll be sharing those just as often (and maybe a little more).

We are pretty much settled back home, and Madrid seems like it was a dream. Does anyone else feel that way about travel sometimes? It’s crazy how quickly you can get readjusted to life back home and back into the routine. I’m planning to do a short little writeup on the food in Madrid, plus some local tips, and have been going through all my photos and notes. One of my favorite spots was Mercado San Miguel, which is absolutely touristy, but also very delicious:

One of the biggest food surprises was the Spanish chorizo. I’m very familiar with the fresh, Mexican-style chorizo, but Spanish chorizo is COMPLETELY different. And so crazy good. I wish I could find it more often here in the states.

If you enjoyed the weekly links, I wanted to share some other places you can go for link inspiration. Each one of these bloggers has different angles from my curation style, but they’re all awesome. It’s always fun to pop around people’s favorite links and see what’s interesting. Baked Bree, Joy the Baker, Shutterbean, How Sweet Eats, and Half Baked Harvest all do them pretty consistently, but I’m sure there are even more!

This Week’s Links:

I’ve never seen a chicken salad like this before.

I loved this love story with Alton Brown! It cracks me up that his wife had no idea who he was until she googled him LOL.

Okay, so this chocolate house is kind of cool, but I also feel like all of that chocolate should be eaten.

Homemade lemon extract seems like a great idea for a Christmas gift!

I believe in roasting salmon nice and hot (per my baked salmon method), but now I’m curious about slow roasting it.

I bought a standing desk during my back troubles many years ago, and I LOVE it. Mine isn’t listed here (I bought GeekDesk), but here are more options.

These photos and these photos are amazing.

This new food show with Salt Fat Acid Heat author Samin Nosrat looks SO fun.

This pasta is dreamy.

Good to know that it has been a good idea to wash kitchen towels and clothes and all that separately.

Have a great weekend,