Life Lately & Links 22

Happy Friday! We are home from our Spain trip, and Pete and I can now officially say we vacationed in Europe with a 2 year old. That counts as a feat of some sort, right?! Haha. All jokes aside, James did pretty well overall, despite a few expected tantrums and cranky moments. When we originally saw flights to Madrid for $350/person, we debated hard about whether or not we should really subject ourselves to a faraway trip like that with a toddler, but I’m glad we went for it. The trip was a great example of one of my favorite life lessons: sometimes things may not be easy, but they’re probably worth it.

We spent 7 nights in Madrid, with a quick day trip to nearby Toledo.  Even though I had never been to either city, they both felt very familiar because of the 4 months I spent living in Granada (in the south of Spain) during a semester in college. The Spanish people have such a distinct “feel” and culture that is impossible not to notice. My favorite time of day is the Paseo, when people go out for an evening stroll, just to be out and see people and enjoy life. You can feel the energy in the air.

The View from Mirador del Valle in Toledo, Spain

We ate very well during our trip, too. We dined at 4 different Michelin-star restaurants, plus a bunch of other eateries and markets around the city. The food game in Madrid is strong. We ate a lot, but averaged about 10 miles of walking per day. Just like in NYC, it’s so easy to pick up tons of miles exploring Madrid!

I’ll share more about everything soon, from the sights to the food to general Spain tips, but I’m still jet lagged and my body’s been through the wringer in the past few days. I got some nasty food poisoning toward the end (wah!!), a mild head injury from a very heavy glass vase falling on my head (don’t ask), plus a cold, so basically, once I finish this post, I’m going to take it easy. Here are some interesting links I’ve curated for you, from around the web!

This Week’s Links:

Sourdough pie crust?! I want to try it for Thanksgiving.

This soup looks incredible!

Beautiful photos from around the world.

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I love frittatas and have been making them for years. I loved this study on frittatas post.

I went to St. Petersburg, Russia with my family in high school, and it was unreal. The photos in this post have me remembering why it was so spectacular.

Oh wow, I would love to visit Monet’s gardens!

This article has got me thinking about “wellness.”

Agreed, I have actually come to love the stems!

How cauliflower has taken over the world, lol.

Should you prick potatoes with a fork? Probably just to be safe, but questionable.

In NYC, we lived in the building right next to the Bjarke Ingels building, and it was SO cool to watch it being built.

Whoa! This technology is incredible.

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