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Happy Friday! Did you have a nice Labor Day weekend? We did end up going to NYC for a couple days, and it was such a good trip. Even though we could’ve stayed at a well-rated hotel in Chelsea for $90, we ended up “splurging” on a hotel in Soho for $147, taxes and fees included.

I say splurging with quotation marks because I’d hardly call that a splurge (we had to spend more on the airport Marriott in Rochester when we were up there for Pete’s brother’s wedding), but it was more than we technically needed to spend to have a good stay in NYC. I’m telling you, NYC during labor day is all sorts of amazing when it comes to pricing!

[The view from our room at the Soho Grand. We bought our room on Hotwire]

Part of the reason we chose to spend more to be down in Soho is because we don’t know the southern neighborhoods of Manhattan as well as other parts of the city. We’ve been to the important places, but we haven’t walked ALL of the streets downtown (and yes, we have done that in midtown and uptown, haha). It was fun to be down there for all of our trip, and it really reminded me of how distinctly different each neighborhood of Manhattan is.

When people say, “oh, I could never live in New York City,” I can’t help but think that they’re basing that statement on a very small experience of very touristy parts of NYC. Because there really is every type of living experience here from buzzing, quirky neighborhoods to quiet, residential streets (though, they are all expensive lol, so that’s a different story).

[Desserts at Laduree – one of my favorite spots from my list Where to Eat in NYC]

I got some questions last week about who my meditation teacher is and what I’ve been learning, and I did Emily Fletcher’s Ziva Online course. I read about her in a book I just read, called Genius Foods, where the author talks about how people should really be trained in how to meditate.

I had tried a bunch of meditation in the past, with coaching teachers, and also with those popular apps like Headspace and Calm, but none of them ever stuck or resonated with me.

Emily’s course is the first one that has, and I’ve been meditating twice a day for about a month now. I was really skeptical at first because she makes a lot of big claims about how it will change your life, but so far it has been truly life changing.

She has a free Stress Solution mini course that I didn’t know about before I had already signed up for her paid course, but it looks like she teaches the technique and tools, if you want to see if her style resonates for you.

This Week’s Links:

I want to make this chicken dish. I LOVE quince and hope to get my hands on some this fall.

A good list of healthy freezer meals. Not all of these are “my healthy,” but they’re so much healthier than most freezer meals.

Burning Man is so bizarre yet intriguing.

This fresh cheese looks SO good!

The world through an infrared lens.

These Blueberry Cobbler Cookies are whimsical and fun.

LOL!! I love a good pun.

I’m going to try some of this language with James.

Another chicken recipe I want to try! I had some vinegar and white Alabama sauce chicken wings in NYC a while back, and they were excellent.

I’ve only had Butterscotch Budino before…but now I need to try chocolate!

Incredible wildlife photos (warning: don’t look at these if you’re squeamish about seeing animals eat other animals).

I need to get back to Norway. Seriously.

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