Life Lately & Links 18

Happy Friday! Pete, James and I were in NYC this past week visiting family, catching up with old friends, and simply enjoying the city. I was reminded of how incredibly empty the city is in the summer, particularly in August. It’s kind of hilarious. I get why, as it can be very hot and sometimes stinky, but it’s also nice that there’s more space on the sidewalks and at the museums.

My little brother Stephen babysit James for a few hours so Pete and I could have a dinner date, and we went to Don Angie. I had seen quite a bit of press about this restaurant in food media, so my expectations were pretty high.

Holy. Moly. The meal was epic. We loved all seven out of seven dishes we ate, and were really impressed. Even at some of my favorite places in the city, I don’t always love every single dish I order. But here? Every. Single. One.

Here’s one of the courses we had, which was the Sopressini & Smoked Mussels with Peroni, Pimenton, and Cilantro Macho:

Don Angie Pasta

When the waiter was describing it to me as a fortune cookie shaped pasta that wasn’t stuffed, I couldn’t quite imagine. But it was actually perfect for holding little pockets of sauce inside, and I loved the folds of pasta.

Sigh…the NYC food scene is just so good. And if you ever visit, here’s my post on Where to Eat in NYC. Beware, it’s a long list, but I’ve got lots of different categories and price ranges.

This Week’s Links:

These Chilaquiles look like perfect brunch food.

I can’t get over how simultaneously incredible, scary, and amazing these photos are. Could you imagine being up there?

The difference between charred and burned.

This Heirloom Tomato Tart looks beautiful. I think tomato tarts are one of those dishes that you can’t possibly know how delicious it is unless you’ve tasted it.

Speaking of which, I have a Cherry Tomato Tart recipe that my brother always requests on his birthday. It’s SO good.

People are silly and I like it.

This was a good reminder. One year later after moving here, a lot of our house is still empty and I felt kind of bad about it.

I am flabbergasted by the creative people who can design things like this. Wow.

I need to be reminded of this all of the time. The whole concept of getting through life is not the point.

Does anyone actually reach the destination of having your career figured out? I feel like it’s somewhat of a fallacy.

I love my friend Lindsay’s travel posts.

My spice jar situation has been a disaster for a while and it’s time for me to make it better. Lots of inspiration here.

Spanakopita has always been one of my favorite dishes.

This feels like one of those “too pretty to eat” cakes but it does look delicious too.

Have a great weekend,