Life Lately & Links 17

Happy Friday! Things feel quintessentially “August” and quiet around town lately (at least in my Philly suburb), and it feels like a welcome luxury after my brother in law’s wedding last weekend.

It was a happy and beautiful occasion, but also more tiring than I anticipated. The wedding was scheduled at the same time that James normally naps, and we have discovered that he still very much needs his nap lol. We’ve all spent a few days catching up on rest at home.

We bought James a suit for the wedding and to our surprise, he didn’t object to wearing it! It had a vest and everything, and we bought fancy shoes with black socks. He was such a hoot. There’s something very funny and amusing about a 2 year old running around in a suit.

Pete’s brother and wife are honeymooning in Aruba right now, which is where Pete and I went for our honeymoon. We really love that island and would love to get back there…the food was excellent and the island has a lot to do beyond just the beach (even though the beaches are great too). We had originally picked it because it’s out of the main hurricane belt, which is a great bonus too!

I’m wishing you some great rest and relaxation this coming week. It’s still August and things still feel slow, but I know how quickly the fall comes. Have a great weekend!

This Week’s Links:

This looks like my kind of salad.

Tips for preventing soggy sandwiches. I’ve become a big fan of collard green wraps where bread isn’t even involved!

Wow, these cakes are incredible.

I happen to love iceberg lettuce, despite the criticism it often gets. I think it’s refreshing.

Interesting ideas about self-care, especially about pausing.

A nice, soft towel is one of my favorite simple luxuries.

I enjoy hiking more and more as I grow older. These hikes look incredible.

I first had a Paris Brest at Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC, and it’s good!

Speaking of Paris, I want to go back and eat at all of these places.

The most beautiful libraries in the world.

I’m always quite skeptical of recipes like this, but I’ve put it on my list to try. I do like coconut.

Despite the heat, oddly enough I’ve been craving soup lately. Maybe what I’m really craving is soup weather, heh.

Have a great weekend,