Life Lately & Links 16

Greetings from Rochester, NY! Pete’s brother is getting married tomorrow, so we’ve been up here spending time with family for a few days. This is the first sibling marriage for both of us, so we’re extra excited.

Rochester has a special place in my heart because I went to college here. It was really abnormal to leave California for the majority of people who went to my high school, and it was kind of crazy that I went across the country to a school where I didn’t know anyone there or even in the area. A lot of times people would ask me how on earth I ended up there, and my answer was usually “I don’t know,” haha.

Which is only half true, really. Something inside me told me it was time to go somewhere new and different, and I’m so glad I did. The first year was really hard health-wise (and I didn’t realize at the time that a lot of it was fueled by anxiety), but making the leap helped me grow in huge ways. In retrospect, it was kind of cool that I could go somewhere where no one knew me. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I met the love of my life, made amazing friends, and got a really great education (shout out to the University of Rochester lol).

The most unexpected part about moving from California to the East Coast was how different the cultures and pace of life are. Before I moved, people kept telling me it would be different, but could never quite put into words how. I get it now. And even though there are things I miss about California, I really love the East Coast, snow and all. Maybe I’ll get sick of it someday, but I’m 12 years in and going strong, heh.

This Week’s Links:

I’ve never seen a sourdough version before. So brilliant.

Salting eggplant came from a time when eggplants were more bitter.

Good to know, I was wondering.


Top down views of our world.

I think I’ll have to buy this for myself…I MEAN, for James. Harry Potter stuff is my downfall.

I guess it’s time to go to the other Portland?

Mango and hibiscus? What fantastic looking cookies.

My favorite safe-ingredient skincare and beauty company is having a sitewide 20% off sale for the first time. Their foundation, lipstick, and the charcoal mask are my faves.

Unplugging consistently this year has made massive improvements to my life, no joke.

People seem to becoming more and more talented at younger ages. Wow!

There truly are some fantastic places to eat at Disney World. My favorites are Via Napoli for pizza in Epcot, plus Morimoto, Sprinkles, and Ample Hills Creamery in Disney Springs.

I appreciated #2 in particular. I feel like lately I’ve been discovering this truth about life, all across the board. Most things are never completely done.

This is why I tend to stick with food gifts and consumables, if I can.

Long but very interesting read on sleep.

Have a great weekend,