Life Lately & Links 15

Happy Friday! This week we had our wedding anniversary, Pete’s birthday, and a visit from my little brother, with an impending visit from two friends from California, followed by Pete’s brother’s wedding. It’s a busy time!

Fortunately, we’ve found little breaks to carve out some rest. My favorite spot from the week was a newly discovered farm in the area called Maple Acres, where we went to pick flowers and get some produce. Even though I don’t think I’m cut out to live on or run a farm, I love visiting them. As beautiful as the open, productive land is, it’s the sounds that I love. You can hear all the birds chirping, the bees buzzing, with the occasional tractor moving by. It feels busy but peaceful at the same time.

The day we were there they had a special 50 stems of Zinnias for $3, so we got a bucket and some scissors and got to work! James loved smelling the flowers until he noticed the gigantic bees that were in most of them, hah. There were also some farm animals for him to see, though truly none of that matters compared to the tractors. James is obsessed with tractors and trucks of all sorts.

Think I’m kidding? He literally will not go to bed unless we put his toy tractors in his crib, hah! I wonder when he’ll outgrow that one…

This Week’s Links:

Now that’s a salad!

Moving photos of all kinds from this week.

Food for thought.

A trillion?!

I’ve been wanting to cure my own salmon for a while and this might finally get me to do it.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I know these faces all too well.

I just bought a new set of nonstick pans to replace my old ones and decided to splurge a little. Some people say to get the cheapest nonstick pans, but they never hold up very well. All my other cookware is All-clad and I love it, so here goes!

This looks like a great combo.

One of my favorite health writers wrote some updated thoughts on fish oils.

Reminds me so much of our move from NYC to the burbs.

The brain never fails to fascinate.

I’m not someone who likes shopping, but the MOMA store in NYC is actually really cool. If you’re in town, stop by.

I’ve come back to journaling more this year and have been loving it. Here are some great prompts if you need some.

Why yes, I would like to go to some of these.

LOL so throwing them on the floor is not acceptable? We don’t have any on our bed, but at hotels they usually end up on the chair or floor (ewww).

Added some of these to my list! Yes, I keep a list of the restaurants I want to visit in various cities lol.

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