Life Lately & Links 12

Happy Friday! It has been a cheerful week over here, no doubt in part because of the wonderful Finger Lakes trip I went on with some girlfriends last week. I made a point to unplug for several days so I could really be present, and it was far more impactful than I could’ve imagined. I need to go technology-free more often.

The very first night, which happened to be July 4th, my friends and I sat on the dock of the lake for hours: watching fireworks, singing songs together, sharing stories, and staring up at the stars. It sounds kind of cliche, but it was such a perfect night where we were reminded what it feels like to lose track of time. Aren’t those the best moments in life? In truth, a lot of work and planning had to happen to allow for that whole trip, but it was completely worth it.

[Our AirBnB for the holiday. We stayed on the bottom level]

We stayed on Keuka Lake, one of the larger Finger Lakes, and we mostly spent the 4 days hanging out, cooking healthy family-style meals, and doing little excursions locally.

My friend Leah and I went on an accidental 3 hour kayak trip, of which I will summarize the following lesson: everything on the water looks a lot closer than it really is, so be conservative when estimating how much energy you really have left, hah!!

We also went to a few wineries around the lake, and though I’m not much of a wine person, it was some of the best wine I’ve ever tasted. We visited Hunt Country, the famous Dr Frank Konstantin Winery, and Bully Hill. The views were just as wonderful as the wines.

[A view of Keuka Lake from the Bully Hill Winery]

This Week’s Links:

They cooked a 4000 year old recipe?! That’s pretty cool.

This is such a fun idea for a nostalgic dessert!

I wrote a guest post on The Pioneer Woman’s site about Quick Pickling 101.

I’ve been using this on my skin for the past 2 months and don’t remember the last time a skin product made such a difference. Seriously love it.

Take me to Switzerland, please.

A new nap cafe in NYC…that city really does have everything.

I haven’t made an ice cream terrine in ages, and I forgot how pretty they are.

Whoa. This looks really cool, but also freaks me out slightly.

Hopefully I can instill some of this in James, but in the meantime, it was a good read for me too.

Such breathtaking photography that makes me appreciate this world.

I’d love to spend a week in a house like this.

Very interesting, and I wonder if they’ll expand more. I’m generally not a chain restaurant person, but I’ve eaten at True Food Kitchen two times in different states, and despite going in totally skeptical, the food is legit delicious.

I’m intrigued by the idea of cooking more with dried seafood.

Have a great weekend,

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