Life Lately & Links 11

Happy Friday! Before I forget, there will be no life lately & links next Friday, as I will be on a special girls trip with a handful of my closest girlfriends from college. Since we don’t see each other often, I want to unplug and be fully present with them. I’ll have some new recipes early in the week, just no Friday post since I don’t write these in advance.

For our trip, we’ll be heading up to the finger lakes region of upstate New York. Even though I went to college about an hour away from there, I haven’t spent much time on the lakes, so I’m excited! They have a grill, kayaks, and canoes at our AirBnB, so I imagine there will be lots of long chats, outdoor time on the lake, and delicious grilled food. That sounds like a perfect July 4th holiday to me.

This week we have been getting out a ton. First we went to the Philadelphia Zoo with James:

We took James to the Central Park Zoo once when he was younger, but this was the first time we thought he was really old enough to enjoy the experience. Pete and I really enjoyed it too. I’ve been to a handful of zoos over my life, but I was really impressed by this one. The staff seemed really eager to talk about the animals, and the exhibits seemed clean and cared for.

We also went to the Penn Museum this morning, which houses many of UPenn’s archaeological and anthropological treasures.

I’m a total nerd over mummies and Egyptian history, and they had some of the coolest mummies I’ve ever seen.

Honestly, my favorite part about going to museums like this is the perspective. Our modern lives are so different from the long stretch of history that came before us, and when you’re looking at something from 5000 years ago, it’s mind-boggling and jarring in the best way (told you I was a nerd).

[The Artifact Lab at the Penn Museum]

This Week’s Links:

Does blending olive oil really make it more bitter? Apparently not.

A good post on the differences between onions and where to use them.

If you have young kids, or know anyone with young kids, this article is gold. We’ve started implementing the suggestions with James.

This Chipotle Orange Salmon looks absolutely amazing!

This podcast episode around the idea of a low information diet really struck me. I started implementing new boundaries using recommendations from this PDF and seriously, I have had the most productive week, and have felt so much happier.

This made me miss Paris.

I first tried jackfruit a few years ago at an Indian restaurant, and I really like it. These tacos look great.

I laughed when I saw this article, because I had just purchased my first bottle of it a few days before. It really is great vinegar, and fairly priced.

Try any of the Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie recipes, and you’re bound to experience something delicious. I thought I wasn’t a pie person until I tried their pie, and like a typical former Manhattanite, I never really went to Brooklyn, unless I was craving their pie lol.

I can’t resist a dessert that combines multiple recipes into one. Hello, cookie dough cheesecake s’mores.

Keeping my eye out for this.

That’s some nice looking trash.

Pete and I seriously can’t stop eating this Steak Salad lately. Such a great summer lunch.

I love white jeans.

The ocean always amazes me.

I’m getting better at not being one, but it takes work. Good reminders here.

Have a great weekend,