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Happy Friday!! There’s one extra exclamation point for today because in a few hours I’ll be grilling in my backyard for the first time in…well, kind of ever.

Before moving to our new house here in suburban Philly, we lived in Manhattan for several years, with no yard or balcony of any sort. It was like college dorm living. I’ve always been very curious about grilling, as I absolutely love the flavor of grilled foods, but we never really had the opportunity to do it. I’ve been itching to try something new lately, and experimenting with the smoking and grilling categories of cooking sounds pretty perfect right now.

The grill that I got is a Traeger, and I’ve got it all set up with some hickory wood pellets. I asked a few grilling guru friends for their thoughts on the Traeger, and after a few “ooohs and aaaahs,” they all said it’s probably the best kind of grill I could’ve gotten. I did my reading and watched some videos on the Traeger, and it looks like it’s incredibly easy to use, while giving the food incredible flavor. I was also thrilled when I read that flareups are not an issue with this grill. Those scare me slightly, haha.

Do you grill or smoke at all? My brother-in-law has cooked a lot of smoked meats and meals for me in the past few years and I think it’s such a fun way to cook outside, and it tastes so delicious. As I dive into these cooking methods, I’ll be sure to share any interesting recipes that I come up with.

[This is James with his “ooooohhhh what is this?!” curiosity after setup]

This Week’s Links:

WHAT!!!! I am SO excited for this to open.

I agree. They don’t work well for me.

I found so much wisdom in this article.

This Crepe Cake is stunning. Though honestly, it looks like a lot of work, so I’ll probably just continue buying it by the slice from Lady M in NYC (on my Where to Eat in NYC post I just published).

If you wear makeup, this short video makes a great point.

I loved this photo essay.

If you haven’t tried Cotton Candy grapes, they are quite sweet, but have the most interesting flavor that indeed reminds me of cotton candy. I don’t get them at Costco (like the article references), as they are available at other groceries too. Only for brief times of the year though, so keep your eye out!

I wonder what these taste like. Have you tried acacia flowers?

I’ve only had Moqueca in the restaurant, but it looks so easy to make at home.

Putting this on my to-do list.

I want to go to so many of these travel destinations.

Have a great weekend,