Life Lately #6

In today’s Life Lately I’m sharing some updates on James (he’s cooking!), our Fall season in PA, a big video shoot I did at my house, and my post-Whole30 conclusions.

Toddler James Has Real Words:

James is really developing and has been SO fun lately.

We go out for hikes or trips to the playground at least once a day, and he is more active than ever. I have a feeling he’s the type of kid who’s going to need to get into sports early to run off his energy.

He has also started learning a lot of words, and has full-on baby gibberish sentences. They make me laugh every time.

His main words right now are: moon, plane, socks, shoes, owl, and cookie, which he learned from the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. One of his favorites!

Actually, pretty much all of his words are from books that we read together.

I’m really looking forward to celebrating this holiday season with him, since he’ll probably understand the holiday decorations and festivities a bit better.

Pennsylvania feels VERY Fall-like:

To be honest, moving to the Philly suburbs, I was bummed about not living near a big body of water. I’ve been close to water for pretty much my entire life.

The area we live in now is very wooded, but I am coming around to it. It has been very beautiful with the leaves changing.

And watching James play in piles of leaves is fun too 🙂

James is Cooking Like A Pro

Well you know, for a one and a half year old 😅

Every time I’m cooking something he always asks for me to pick him up so he can help. It’s adorable.

I have a feeling this guy is going to be very interested in food and cooking. Or rather, he already is!

I’ve been sharing a lot of every day moments on my Instagram Stories and really enjoying it (click here to follow me).

I recently shared some stories of us taking a trip to Federal Donuts. It was his first time having a donut, and his incredibly enthusiastic response was honestly a little frightening 😂

We also went on a quick overnight trip to NYC, where I attended an event hosted by ALDI, featuring their award-winning portfolio of wine and a series of food pairings to go with.

I always pop by ALDI to pick up some regular staples, but I had no idea about their wine program since the local laws here prevent grocery stores from selling wine. Everything was fantastic!

Professionally shot videos are coming your way:

Last week a professional video crew came to my kitchen to shoot a bunch of new recipes, and I’m so excited to start sharing them with you after the Thanksgiving holiday!

I joined up with Inspo to make them and fortunately they do all the work of editing the videos, which is good because editing my own food videos always made me awfully hungry. Hahaha.

Thanksgiving Plans:

I published a post on my Thanksgiving menu plans here if you missed it, but I’m really excited for the holiday!

It’s the first holiday in our new home, and my family is flying in from California to feast with us.

I will update afterward with some Thoughts from Thanksgiving, like I’ve done in the past.

I finished the Whole30, and here are my conclusions:

It has been a good few weeks since I completed my Whole30, plus the reintroduction period where you test out your sensitivity to specific food groups.

Truthfully, the reason I haven’t updated you on it yet is because I’m still processing what exactly to say about my Whole30.

It impacted me in huge ways, but I’m not yet sure to what extent.

First of all, dairy is very difficult for my body to handle now. Noooooooooooo.

This has been weird for me because for most of my life, I’ve had my three glasses of milk a day, eaten cheese galore, butter, etc. But after having to give up dairy, soy, and corn while I was nursing James, and then coming back to the dairy, it was never the same. It’s amazing how the body can tolerate things.

I was also surprised to learn during the reintroduction period that corn is tough for me. Considering James has a bad corn intolerance, this makes sense. I thought his corn thing was out of nowhere, but looks like it comes from me.

The Weight Loss:

Despite the fact that I was overeating pretty much every day (you don’t count calories), I still managed to lose 5 pounds in 4 weeks.

Mind boggling.

Anyone who’s done Whole30 knows that at some point, to compensate for the fact that you’ve given up basically everything except for meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and nuts, you compensate for wanting cookies by stuffing your face with Whole30-approved things until you’re completely full.

So I can’t believe I still lost that much weight (5 pounds is a lot for me).

The Eating Habit Changes:

I find my eating habits to be a slippery slope, where it’s very easy to start eating desserts and snacks more and more, little by little, until you’ve lost any perspective on what a reasonable day of food looks like.

Whole30 reset my eating habits for the better, and I am treating sweets as the rare treats that they should probably be if I want to keep my weight and health in check.

I’m also eating a lot more fresh vegetables, which I’ve actually been loving!

There are SO many delicious ways to make vegetables and fresh sauces, and I kept thinking, why don’t I make these things more often?

Whole30 made the answer clear: they require effort.

When given the option between reaching into the pantry for a bag of chips or making myself a Spiced Carrot Salad, one is a lot easier than the other.

I’ve made a point of keeping more leftovers in the fridge. It really helps!

Anyway, that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed the update, and if you have any questions about Thanksgiving planning or anything else, leave your comments below. Talk soon!

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