Life Lately #3

[James trotting around the yard after some pool time. He just hates having a back yard, can you tell?]

The move is complete

For the first time in over 3 years, all our stuff is finally in one place.

And in our very first home, no less!

We actually bought the house back in April, but last week we went to Connecticut to retrieve all the stuff that has been sitting in storage for 3 years, then finished moving the rest of our stuff out of our NYC apartment.

Even though we have moved many times during Pete’s service with the Navy, we kind of forgot how much work it is. We probably won’t be settled for a few months, but we are really enjoying the house so far.

Space is awesome

I finally feel like I can breathe.

We went from 3 people crammed into 585 square feet to a house with 2500 square feet and a nice yard.

I have an OFFICE now (!!!) instead of a desk sitting in the living room/kitchen. With doors. That close. Hallelujah!

We have a yard with a nice lawn where James can run around.

It’s so wonderful.

[James playing with a hose for the first time. Suburbia has happened, and we are not mad about it]

I keep wondering, will this wear off?

Will months go by, and suddenly we’ll feel totally homesick for NYC?

I have no idea. But I’m feeling more and more skeptical as we settle in…especially every time I cook and savor the abundance of counter space in my kitchen.

We need a lot of furniture

The furniture that we brought from NYC consisted of:

  • A couch
  • A desk
  • A bed
  • A storage cubby
  • A bookshelf

Yeah, that’s it.

The house is pretty empty and we have a lot of furniture to buy. I’m on it though! Once everything is set up I’ll share some more photos of the house.

Speaking of furniture…does anyone have any couch brands that they recommend? We paid a pretty penny for a couch from a brand that’s considered to be fairly high end, and it hasn’t held up well.

Having a house is kind of scary

We have always rented our living spaces, so when stuff broke or things needed to be taken care of, the landlord did it.

And in NYC, we lived in a building where we didn’t even change the lightbulbs. And we had no yard.

So now we’re trying to get organized about all the maintenance you need to do with house ownership.

Right now I’m trying to make a spreadsheet with the tasks that need to be done…changing air filters every 90 days, getting the chimney cleaned once a year, yada yada. It’s daunting.

House ownership takes “adulting” to a new level, heh.

[My dad, stepmom, and little brother Stephen helping Pete and I pull weeds. That’s true love right there].

My dad, stepmom, and little Brother Stephen helped us move from NYC and also stayed a couple days to help us get set up.

And pull the obscene amount of weeds in our front yard. I swear we left the house for two weeks and the front EXPLODED with weeds.

I love when my mom cooks for me

My mom and stepdad also visited, and my mom cooked a lot of food for me, Pete, and James.

I credit my love for food to my mom, and all the amazing food she made for me growing up, so I love when she spoils me with her cooking.

One of my favorite EVER foods is kimbap (I’ve shared my mom’s kimbap recipe here before) and she made a big batch for us.

[Kimbap looks like sushi, but there’s no raw fish]

If you’re feeling adventurous to try something new, it’s a great recipe to try.

Time to explore the Philly food scene

Okay fine…I admit that one thing we undoubtedly miss about NYC is the incredible food, but we’re also looking forward to trying out the food in the Philly area.

We’ve already tried High Street on Market which was SO good and totally on par with NYC (though, they do have a location in NYC called High Street on Hudson, which Ina Garten and other big shots have raved about).

We’ve also tried Federal Doughnuts a few times, which was pretty good (but my favorite doughnuts ever are Blue Star Donuts in Portland. No one can touch them).

And of course, we’re thankful for some of the chains that came from New York and are in Philly too, like Shake Shack, Big Gay Ice Cream, and Joe.

[Shake Shack, my love]

Blogger Bash

When this year started, I decided I wanted to get out to more conferences and put myself out there more, so I bought a ticket for Blogger Bash on a whim and just went last week.

[With my friend Allie from Baking A Moment at Blogger Bash]

It’s more of a mommy and toy conference and not food-related, and for that reason I’m not sure I’d go again, but I recommend it for anyone who wants to check out the latest in fun toys and in all things mommy, family, and baby.

Today I’m headed back to NYC for a quick event and then we’ll head back home. I have a new recipe coming on Wednesday that’s my favorite recent indulgence for brunch, and I know I promised a Toddler James update last week during the move…and all I can say is I should’ve known better. But I promise it’s coming on Friday.

Talk soon, and thanks for reading!