James at 16 months

Toddler James is growing up! Here’s my 16 months update for what’s up lately.

[James running up the ramp at the Hudson River park in NYC]

“They grow up so fast.”

People have been telling me this over and over again since I was pregnant, and well, IT’S TRUE.

Somehow James is 16 months and has undoubtedly established himself as a little person with a very distinct personality.

He’s insatiably curious, goofy, clingy, generous, and fearless.

[James staring longingly at the water fountain that we’re walking away from]

This boy wants to conquer the world

One thing that has become VERY clear about James is he wants to be all up in everything.

He wants to inspect every single thing he walks by, he is constantly opening ALL the cabinets ๐Ÿ™„, and he never wants to stay on the path or in one place.

Everyone keeps telling us it’s a good thing he’s so curious, but oh man is it exhausting sometimes.

[James playing in the water fountains at the Ancient Playground in NYC]

Water is his favorite thing

James is our first child, so the only time we can compare him to other kids is when we’re out at the park.

James has a particular love for water fountains and parks, and we’ve noticed that there are older kids who seem a little timid about going in the water, which helped us realize that James is totally bananas for water parks.

At some point we have to tear him away from the fun and he almost always throws a tantrum. I guess he wants to play forever in those things.

[Pier 86 in NYC has a really fun fountain]

James is SO good at Yoga

Every morning since James was born, I’ve done yoga with him, and he has gotten very good at downward dog pose.

Check it out:

…I’m kidding

Actually that photo was a moment my Mother-In-Law snapped while James was throwing a tantrum.

But it looked like downward dog in yoga and I thought it was funny ๐Ÿ˜‚

He’s *finally* paying attention to books (YAY!!!)

We have been reading books to James since he was born, because we read that even though babies don’t know what’s going on in the beginning, it’s still good for them.

It felt a little silly, but we did it, and we enjoyed it.

But James is finally at an age where he’ll pick a book off the bookshelf and bring it to us, and crawl into our laps. It is the cutest thing!

[James and daddy reading Goodnight Moon one of our last nights in NYC]

Some of James’ favorites are Green Is a Chile Pepper, Fox in Socks, Click Clack Moo, and the Very Hungry Catterpillar (thanks Glory!).

I love playground time too

We take James to the playground at least once a day, and I admit that it has been fun for me too.

I mean, swings? I forgot how fun those things are.

[James on a see-saw. So old school.]

I also feel like taking James to the playground is nice because it gives me the chance to tap out mentally, and just have fun with him.

I recently read a book from a guy who talks about how play got rid of his anxiety, and my play time with James has given me a clue about how that can be true.

When I’m out with him at the playground running around, and breathing the fresh air, I’m not really thinking about work or other problems. It’s nice!

Toys, toys, toys

I mentioned in my last Life Lately #3 that I went to a toy conference and they sent all attendees this incredible box of toy swag.

James was pretty excited about going through all of it, though he can’t play with most of it right now.

I want to buy him some new toys now that we have more space in the house, though I get kind of overwhelmed with what to get.

For example, I was at the store recently, thinking about getting him some blocks…and I just stood there for 5 minutes, paralyzed with indecision.

Do I get traditional wood blocks? Soft foam blocks? The interlocking button blocks?

I walked away with nothing.

I realize how ridiculous this sounds, and I’m probably overthinking it, but toys are kind of overwhelming. Does anyone else feel like that?

[James and daddy out for a walk at the Hudson river]

It’s time for help

I never bothered finding a designated babysitter in New York because I knew we were moving, and my little brother was in the area to babysit for us on occasion.

But now that we’re in the Philly area with no family, we need to find some help. Someone to watch him for a few hours a week so I can really get back into my work routine and knock out some recipes.

…now where to look, I’m not quite sure.

I know there are sites like Sitter City, but has anyone actually used it and have any thoughts?

I’m all ears for suggestions of any kind for finding extra care.

Thanks for reading this baby James update, and I hope you have a great weekend!