James @ 3 Months + Life Lately


Well hello! I have been itching to write an update for quite a while. Life has been complete madness lately.

Have you ever had a time in your life where you’ve been planning a new direction for months, and then that moment of commitment comes and you realize you don’t want that direction anymore?

For months now, Pete and I have been planning to leave New York City and move elsewhere. Pete is finishing up 8 years serving as a Lieutenant Submariner in the Navy, so for the very first time in our adult lives, we have the freedom to move anywhere. Anywhere!

We love living in NYC but we always thought that after the birth of James and the very high cost of living here, that we would go elsewhere.

We have considered places all around the country, and pretty much every major city. At first we thought we might go to Austin, Salt Lake City, Denver, or DC, but then we decided we wanted to stay close-ish to NYC.

So we took a look at a bunch of places in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and at one point were planning to live in Philly. To the point where we told people we were planning to move there, and even went apartment hunting.

But none of it felt right.

Basically, NYC has ruined us. Yeah, that’s a joke, but only a half joke! We don’t want to leave this place! So we decided about a month ago to stay in NYC for (at least) another year. Of all the places we have lived, this has felt the most like home. We don’t know how we’ll feel in the future as our family grows, but for now, we want to stay.


Since then, we’ve been spending a LOT of time searching for a new apartment building. Our current building has absolutely gorgeous views, but we didn’t realize when we moved in that it wasn’t a smoke-free building, and we got unlucky living to some seriously heavy smokers. They’re only allowed to smoke in their apartment but it wafts into the hallways and into our apartment every day, and makes us crazy. So we’ve been researching and visiting tons of new buildings, which has been more time consuming than we thought. Or rather, I thought we’d find something we liked a lot sooner.

After looking at 10 different buildings, we finally ended up signing a lease for our new place last week (YAY), so now we’re in a scramble to get our stuff moved.

We’ve moved many times with the Navy but no matter how many times you’ve done it, it’s still a pain. Lots of logistics and required time to get things organized. I’ll be glad when it’s over. It has been a challenge to stay calm and not get overwhelmed.

Other than the “where are we living and what are we doing” craze, our little family is pretty darned happy these days. James is just over 3 months old now, and he is thriving! He has been gaining weight like a champ (he’s over 15 lbs now, I can’t believe it), and he’s incredibly playful and active.


I don’t even know how to describe how happy he makes us, every day. I feel like as a “sort-of writer of the internet” I should be able to describe it better than that, but really, just holding him, playing with him, looking at him, feeding him…it makes Pete and I so, so happy. He is the best!


Living in NYC, we get quite a few comments from strangers re: James, and since we started putting Ear Muffs on him, the comments have been absolutely hilarious. Most people seem to think they’re headphones and they ask if we’re playing Beethoven, but nah, it’s to protect his hearing. The streets are loud! With sirens blaring and cars honking, James is completely unphased by the noise, and is able to sleep peacefully in the stroller. Thank goodness.

We even took him to a Yankees game, and oh are sports loud:



But not for James! He was quite calm the whole time, and he loved all the colors in the stadium.

Even though 3 months seems like it has flown by in some ways, it also feels like we’ve been with James forever. Or at least, remembering life without him is WEIRD. James has totally become the master of the household 🙂


And we’re totally cool with it, because these smiles and laughs right here are everything. UGH this darned boy!!! We want to squeeze him and hold him constantly.


Our time spent with James is still pretty standard newborn stuff these days (you know, feed him, hold him, change his diaper, play a little bit), but he’s getting more and more active, aware, and playful. He can hold up nearly all of his own weight on his legs already and he has a lot of strength.

James also loves bath time, which is a dream.

He likes being snuggled up in a towel and dried off after bath time just as much. I love when his hair gets all fuzzy on top.




Since the last time I updated you at 6 weeks, the number of laughs and smiles has totally exploded. Babies make the most crazy expressive faces ever. Seriously, when do people stop being so animated? I love how James uses his entire face to show us how he’s feeling.

Except for when he uses his whole face to do a gigantic frown. He literally turns his lip down SO hard whenever he’s startled by a loud noise. It’s the saddest thing…you know, for like a second. His mood seems to change in the flip of a switch. It cracks me up!

Most of his smiles and laughs happen when we’re staring right at each other so I haven’t gotten a big smiley picture together, but we’re still trying 🙂


We also like to squish James’ face with kisses. So many kisses.


Hi James!


Can you tell I’m running out of things to say? Or rather, I couldn’t decide which photos to narrow down so instead I put too many? 😉


Family photo by the Hudson!


The way he looks at things sometimes…it’s like he’s thinking so hard. It’s so fun to see the world through his eyes.


Alright, that’s my update for now. This weekend we’re all going up to Vermont for the very time. Any must-do’s? I’m so excited! Hope you’re all enjoying the summer and eating lots of ice cream and popsicles.


Joanne, Pete, and James