It’s time to wear sunscreen daily (and why it’s so incredibly important)

I didn’t pay much attention to sunscreen until about a year ago.

I was diligent about putting sunscreen on when I knew I was going to be out in high sun for a good hour or so, but otherwise, I didn’t put it on. It felt like a bother, and I didn’t like the feeling of sunscreen on my skin.

I figured 20 minutes in the sun here or there didn’t matter, and I wasn’t getting burned, so why bother? I wasn’t getting into the sunburn territory, so I wasn’t concerned about the danger zone for skin cancer.

But sunscreen is not just about skin cancer. Sun damage causes most of the cosmetic skin problems that we spend so much money trying to get rid of!

Sun damage to our face causes brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, loss of elasticity and more.

UV rays damage the elastin on our skin, and it’s the little bits of sun here or there that really add up.

A year ago, when I was reading a lot of books about skin, they all emphasized that sunscreen is arguably the most important part of any skin care regimen.

Because instead of buying products that improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of brown spots, you want to prevent those problems in the first place.

This is why I have become diligent about wearing sunscreen every day when I’m not in the winter months.

Even though it’s spring (and It’s literally snowing today here in Philly), you can definitely get burned at high sun during this time of year.

If you check the UV Index, the rankings are already reaching 5s mid-day, and some of my worst sunburns in my life happened in March and April, when I wasn’t expecting the sun to be so strong yet.

The best and safest type of sunscreen to use is zinc oxide based, which is a natural mineral based sun protector.

The majority of cheap sunscreens you buy at the drugstores are not zinc oxide based, but use oxybenzone instead.

If you look at oxybenzone on the EWG database, you’ll see that it’s a highly hazardous ingredient with good supporting data, and ranks a red 8 out of possible 9.

Oxybenzone can be absorbed through the skin and has endocrine disruption and biocellular level change implications (you can look more at the data here).

Zinc oxide sunscreens are widely available and there are many brands making great formulations with them.

Well-rated Zinc Oxide Based Sunscreens:

I use Beautycounter’s sunscreens, both the sunscreen lotion and the sunscreen stick (which comes in a face stick and body stick).

You don’t get the white coating that usually comes with zinc oxide and they feel pleasant on the skin (you know, for sunscreen, hah).

I have also heard good things about EltaMD sunscreen, which is also zinc oxide based.

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