How to Freeze and Reheat Pancakes


The glorious thing about make-ahead recipes is this: You get to make the food when you feel like it AND you get to reheat and eat the food when you feel like it.

Let’s take pancakes, for example. Sometimes I want pancakes for breakfast, but I don’t feel like mixing up a batter, taking the griddle down from the storage above the fridge, and making them. Or sometimes, I do feel like making pancakes, but I’m not necessarily hungry or in the mood to eat them. (I often feel like this on Sundays, when I’m trying to plan ahead for the coming week.)


Fortunately, pancakes are a great make-ahead food, and yes, you to have it all. Next time you’re in the mood, make gigantic amounts of pancakes, then freeze them so you can reheat them whenever you want. Or, if you end up making too many pancakes in one batch, just toss the leftovers in the freezer for another day. Pancakes taste GREAT reheated. That’s one thing about carbolicious foods: they typically freeze and reheat beautifully, and pancakes are no exception.

I have frozen all types of pancakes—plain buttermilk ones, whole wheat ones, cornmeal ones, buckwheat ones—and I haven’t had any trouble with any type of pancake I’ve frozen and reheated.

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