Homemade Honeycomb Candy


Though you wouldn’t necessarily know it from my blog, I have a thing for homemade candy.

It’s true I spend most of my time in the kitchen making salads, chicken, soups … you know, the “real food,” but in my free time I really love to play around with more whimsical things, and homemade candy is about as whimsical as it gets, if you ask me.


Honeycomb wasn’t on my radar until a couple months ago, when I was served a taste of it at a restaurant here in New York City, as one of the mignardises (those little bites of sweets they give you at the end of the meal). My husband and I were just beside ourselves as to what this magical bite of sweetness was, and after the waiter told us it was honeycomb, I went home and spent a good hour reading all about it.

Much to my surprise, it’s really easy to make. It looks all fancy, rising tall with hundreds of tiny bubbles, looking like a sponge with an incredibly crunchy texture. But a little bit of baking soda does all that work for you. It’s magic!

Get the full step-by-step photos, instructions, and recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s site.