Hash Brown Frittata

Think of this Hash Brown Frittata as the savory breakfast version of an upside down cake. It’s a classic frittata—which is basically a big egg omelette that’s baked in the oven—with a hash brown crust on top. It is absolute heaven.

Hash Brown Frittata

If you offer me a sweet or a savory breakfast, 9 times out of 10 I’ll pick the savory breakfast. I love all things eggs, bacon, and potatoes, and while this doesn’t have bacon (though it could), it is a beautiful marriage of eggs and potatoes.

Easy Hash Brown Frittata Recipe

An extra bonus to this dish is that it reheats nicely as long as you don’t overcook it in the microwave. Pretty remarkable for an egg dish, when eggs generally aren’t thought of as something that reheats well. The cream and cheese really help the eggs out in that department.

To get started, we’re going to make the hash browns first, but if you want to make this recipe faster, you can take a shortcut by using frozen hash browns instead.

Savory Potato Frittata

Run a potato through the shredding blade of a food processor.

Frittata with Hash Browns

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