Handheld Chicken Pot Pies

Handheld Chicken Pot Pies Recipe

This recipe is dedicated to the crust lovers of the world. You know, the people who think that a chicken pot pie with only one crust, aka a “chicken pot pie lid,” is not enough. This is the glorious chicken pot pie experience you seek.

My brother Andrew calls me every once in a while to complain about ordering chicken pot pie from a restaurant, only to discover that they have the aforementioned “chicken pot pie lid.” He always says you need the crust on the bottom to soak up the chicken veggie sauce, plus a crispy, flaky lid on top. Two totally different crust experiences, both completely necessary.

Chicken Pot Hand Pies

These handheld chicken pot pies were inspired by a trip to England this past summer. I’ve concluded that English people really love pie, because it was everywhere I went! Not just traditional pies, but a special kind called pasties, which are basically handheld pies stuffed with all sorts of fillings. I fell in love with them and decided it was time to do a homemade version, chicken pot pie style.

Chicken Pot Hand Pies Recipe

Get the recipe and step-by-step here on The Pioneer Woman’s site.