Foodie Pool Party in the Hamptons


Happy summer, friends! How did you spend your first day of summer? It was totally by chance, but I spent the day knocking a little bit of travel off my bucket list. Coca Cola Life invited me out to the Hamptons for a Tasting Table event, and I finally got to experience a taste of the Hamptons. Here’s a peek at the festivities!

Coca Cola Life has been taking part in a bunch of Tasting Table events this summer (like the Lobster Rumble event I went to a couple weeks ago), and this event was a Pool Party at a house in Sag Harbor.

What surprised me the most on my drive to the Hamptons was seeing how wooded some of the areas are. Not what I expected at all! The house we went to was tucked fairly deep into the woods and even my GPS was like, where are we?! All the houses felt very private.

Once we found the house we were greeted at the door with some tasty cocktails:


The house was totally beautiful and looked like it was straight out of a magazine. And I mean, look at all the space!!!


(Can you tell I’m not used to my 600 square foot NYC apartment yet?!)

Even though it was a mid-afternoon pool party, the food was still top-class. There were delicious passed hors d’ouerves like the bite-sized fish taco you see below:


And there was a table of assorted wraps, farro salad, and crudités inside:

DSC_0146 DSC_0101

My favorite wrap was this seared tuna wrap with avocado and pickled red onion. This is definitely the classiest wrap I’ve ever seen and tasted:


Pete and I enjoyed chilling out for the afternoon, filling up on some flavorful food and drink, and reveling in the peaceful setting.


After the pool party ended, Pete and I drove south to Southampton just to check it out. We drove through the village and main street shops, then headed over to the beach. Just look at all the beachy glory:


Thank you to Coca Cola Life for inviting me to an afternoon of tasty summer fun! I now see why New Yorkers love to escape the fast-paced city life for some luxurious peace and quiet out East.


Disclosure: I have partnered with Coca Cola life for this event and post. Coca Cola Life is my favorite in the Coca Cola family, and is sweetened with a mix of stevia and cane sugar. It has less calories than your usual cola but still has good flavor. All opinions are always my own. Follow Coca-Cola life on Instagram and Twitter for fun summery posts and tweets!