A piece of cake sitting on top of a table
I got to spend a few days in DC last week, and one of my favorite places that I visited was Paul.  Paul is a very well known boulangerie and patisserie from France, and I was so happy to stumble upon an authentic French patisserie while I was in DC. My trip to Paris was filled with such delicious food, and having a couple of goodies that reminded me of France made me oh so happy.  On top here we have a hazelnut buttercream spread between cookie/cake-like layers. The other great dessert I had

is this Buchette Framboise, which is raspberry mousse, bavarian nougat mousse, with a coconut dacquoise cookie, sprinkled with candied nougat and topped with fresh raspberries.  Yes, it was amazing:

A close up of a slice of cake on a plate, with Pastry and Mousse
If you happen to be in DC, I highly suggest checking out one of the Paul’s two locations. See you tomorrow for a recipe!