Cherry Husk Tea in a Glass
I crave Manhattan.

I need Manhattan.

You see, Pete and I are currently stationed in a small little nowhere town on the border of Georgia and Florida. We have discovered that this is a good place for people who like warm weather, fishing, and lots of space, but not a whole lot more.

Pete and I are city souls. We want energy. We want to go to shows. We want to walk down the street and hit 3 bakeries on our left and 5 restaurants on our right.

That’s what you get in Manhattan. Going to NYC cures me of my constant itch to travel to new places and taste new things. Here are some of the new gems I discovered on my last trip:

A man standing in a coffee bar preparing siphon coffeeThe first photo from the top is a coffee cherry husk tea with a Bourbon-infused marshmallow from Blue Bottle Chelsea. When I say coffee cherry husk tea, I don’t mean the fruit. This is a tea that’s made from the berries (or cherries, husks) of the coffee plant. It was the best tea I’ve ever tasted.

Let’s talk more about this said Blue Bottle place. I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker, but we had to make the trip to Chelsea because my coffee-and-espresso-crazed-husband couldn’t stop talking about the place. But even I must admit that this place was cool.

From the front of the store, it looks like a normal coffee shop, but then you walk around back and find the BAR.

I felt like I was in some coffee maker’s mad scientist chemist laboratory. This guy knows EVERYTHING about coffee.

Next stop: Victory Garden in the West Village, a place I found out about from Daisy’s blog. This was my first time trying goat milk ice cream and the easiest way to sum up how I felt about it is my love for the goat continues to grow. This ice cream had a smooth and luscious texture, and a really cool flavor that had that “goaty funk” at the end (and I mean that in a good way). Victory Garden, I’m a fan. And side note, if you’re lactose intolerant, apparently you can eat this ice cream.

Victory Goat Milk Ice Cream in Cup
Next stop: Molly’s Cupcakes, also in the West Village.
A kitchen with wooden cabinets and a dining room table
After I had my cup of Salted Caramel goat milk ice cream, I hesitated to go to Molly’s Cupcakes and have dessert AGAIN but they were only a block or two apart, so I couldn’t say no (and I’m glad I didn’t).
Two Cupcakes and Purse at Molly\'s Cupcakes in NYC
I went with the Ron Bennington cupcake and the Peach Cobbler while I was there. The Peach Cobbler evidently was a winner on the Food Network show Cupcake Wars, and I can see why. It’s a vanilla cupcake with a peach filling, an oaty crumbly topping, whipped cream topping and a peach. It was scrumptious.A cupcake sitting on top of a wooden table
I walked around town afterwards and enjoyed the little farm stands they often have sprinkled around the city. Scenes like this make me so happy:
A group of people standing outside of a food truck farmers market

And just because I have to include at least one non-food destination, you have to check out Highline Park in Chelsea. It used to be a rail line but is now a gorgeous elevated park that goes about 10 or 15 blocks:
A train on a train track with buildings in the background with High Line in the background
Interesting place, huh?
A group of people walking on the highline in NYC
That’s it! See you on Friday for a recipe.