Fifteen Spatulas Rewind

MJ of MJ’s Kitchen recently tagged me in something called The Seven Links Project, and it is “A joint endeavor by bloggers to share lessons learned and create a bank of past-but-not-forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.”  Let’s dive in:
Post that I am the most proud of:  Dark Cherry Semifreddo.  This one was hard to pick…I’m proud of so many of my posts, but I picked this one because I think it’s beautiful, simple, a celebration of one of my favorites (cherries), delicious, and unique looking.  Whenever I make it, my husband and I practically fight over the stuff.

The most popular post: My Grilled Eggplant Rolled with Ricotta and Basil has 65,000 views.  I think that’s pretty insane!  I would never have expected it to be so popular.

Most beautiful post: Korean Rice Rolls (Kim Bap).  This was a hard one to pick, since I think a lot of my posts are beautiful, but I love all the colors in this, and it’s one of the best tasting dishes I’ve ever had.  Let’s just say, it would be in my last meal on Earth.  I always ask my mom to make it when I go home.

The post with a success that surprised me: Mini Bacon and Egg Toast Cups.  I thought these were pretty cool when I posted them, but people just went wild over these.  Totally unexpected!

Most helpful post: Understanding the Creaming Method.  It’s an in depth writeup on how to cream butter and sugar properly when making things like cookies or cakes.  Creaming is the most important step in a lot of baking, yet so many recipes say vague things like “cream until light and fluffy” (what does that even MEAN?!)  It’s a must read for anyone who bakes.

Post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: Rubbed Pork Tenderloin Cuban Sandwiches with Homemade Fennel Seed Bread.  I imagine this didn’t get much attention because it sounds kind of complicated, but it’s my favorite sandwich in the entire world.  Those who say, “Nothing in life is perfect” clearly haven’t had my sandwich.  Swiss cheese, mustard, pickles, pork tenderloin, ham, arugula…fennel seed bread…what more could you want?