Favorite Baking Tools: Kitchen Scale

Having a kitchen scale makes life in the kitchen easier, and today I’m sharing my favorite uses for one. I also cover measurements for common baking ingredients and how to combat discrepancies between different weights for a cup of all-purpose flour.

Why have a Kitchen Scale

While most American baking recipes don’t require you to have a kitchen scale, I absolutely love having one. I use it every single time I bake.

The most obvious reason that may come to mind for having a scale is that it’s more precise to weigh than measure. But there are other reasons too! It’s easier, saves times, and makes for less dishes, too.

Armed with these points and having just checked that a well-rated kitchen scale only costs $10—$15 these days, I’m hoping to convince you that a kitchen scale belongs in your kitchen too.

Uses for a kitchen scale

Let’s start with the biggest reason to use a scale, which is that it’s more precise to measure by weight than to measure by scooping.

You can set any bowl or vessel onto the scale, and zero set the scale to start. I love how easy it is to grab any bowl of any kind.

how to use a kitchen scale

Then start pouring the ingredient you want to measure into the bowl, until the scale reads out to the amount needed. In my bowl above I’ve got a cup of flour, which is 140 grams.

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