Dear Popcorners Popcorn Chips…you rock!

I tried these little chips for the first time on a JetBlue flight (they have the best snacks don’t they?) and I was hooked.  Like holy smokes, I need to buzz the flight attendant so I can have some more!  Bzzz bzzz bzzz…..BRING ME MORE POPCORN CHIPS PLEASE!!!!   None of my local grocery stores currently carry them, but fortunately you can order them online, which I felt sort of silly doing, but I wanted needed them.  I tracked their arrival with my UPS #, and when the UPS guy left a Zappos box at the front door I ran after him yelling WAIT!!!! I ORDERED CHIPS, NOT SHOES!!!  Fortunately he realized he had given me the wrong box.  Phew!  These are hands down the best chips I have ever had, and they just boggle my mind.  I don’t know how they get such crunchy, light, and flavorful chips from air popped popcorn, but I’m glad they figured it out.  And you don’t get any of those annoying kernel skins stuck in your teeth like when you eat popcorn.  WIN!  They have 5 flavors:

Cheesy Jalapeño: YOWZA!  They weren’t kidding about the jalapeño, but I like it!  I like the contrast of the cheese and the heat from the jalapeño.

Kettle: These are my favorite.  Which shouldn’t be surprising because every time I go to a fair or carnival, I’m one of those people walking around with those 5 foot long bags of freshly popped kettle corn.  I just love the salty sweet flavors going on, and Popcorners captures that PERFECTLY here.

Butter: This is a good flavor, and they do a good job of getting that buttery popcorn flavor on their chips.

Sea Salt: This is their simplest flavor, and serves as a great blank canvas for other things like dips.

White Cheddar: This is the first flavor that I ever tried, which was on my Jet Blue flight.  I was sold with the first chip.  The white cheddar flavor is delicious, a little tangy, and salty. YUM.

If you want to order some online, here is their website (and no, I have absolutely no association with Popcorners, I just think they are AMAZING, and I like that there’s no strange ingredients in there).

Thank you Popcorners for making such a GREAT SNACK!  You have got me absolutely HOOKED!