Chelsea Market: Now THIS Is Foodie Heaven (Can I live here please?)

After researching “foodie places to go” in Manhattan, I knew I needed to head down to Chelsea Market.  There’s a reason Food Network is headquartered there.  Every food you could possibly want is downstairs on the main level.  A specialty oil, vinegar, and salt shop, a milk bar where you can literally pull up a stool at the bar and glug down an ice cold lavender milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, a fish market, and so on.  Let me take you through the highlights:

First stop, Jacques Torres Chocolates.  I was really interested in tasting his chocolates because I wanted to compare them to Kee’s down in Soho.  I must say I am partial to Kee’s Chocolates, but some of Jacques’ chocolates were fantastic as well.  I particularly enjoyed his melon piece, which had melon puree in the ganache and a powerful melon flavor.  The hot chocolates here are supposed to be legendary, but I was saving my calories for milk glugging and oil tasting to come.

Next stop, The Filling Station.  This store is FANTASTIC!  They have tons of different oils and vinegars to try in some incredible flavors (here I am tasting their espresso balsamic, but they had fig vinegar, coconut vinegar, butternut squash seed oil, truffle oils, etc).  It’s generally a good sign when stores allow you to taste their products, and I was impressed with pretty much everything I tried.  I would have bought some if it weren’t for those darned no liquids in your carry-on bag law!  Not checking any bags 🙁

But fortunately they also have a bunch of different kinds of specialty salts, so I bought two of those (TSA can’t take those away from me hehehe).  They let you try the salts too, and I bought the black truffle salt and ghost pepper salt, which is HOT stuff.  One tiny little granule and my mouth was on fire.  Their destiny?  To be sprinkled on some homemade saltine crackers I will be making very shortly.  Can’t wait!

Next, the Ronnybrook Dairy Farms Milk Bar.  Yes, like pull up a stool and order a drink kind of milk bar.  I chose the ice cold lavender infused milk (delicious, fragrant, and unsweetened), and my brother went for the Apple Pie a la Mode Milkshake.  It was seriously delicious stuff.  Their milk quality is very high.

Right across from the Milk Bar is Amy’s Bread, and the bakery had quite a large assortment of loaves to chose from.  I know how to bake bread pretty well so we didn’t buy any to take home, but we did try her bread elsewhere in Chelsea Market…

The Lobster Place has Soup in an Amy’s Bread Bowl, and my brother had some for lunch.  A big crusty bread bowl filled with lobster bisque.  Yum.  I opted for the lobster roll (fresh Maine lobster), and it was DELICIOUS.  So fresh, very lightly coated chunks of lobster, and that roll was PACKED with lobster meat!  The Lobster Place had a huge assortment of whole fish, shellfish, sashimi grade fish, and ready made seafood dishes.  I loved that place.

While strolling through Chelsea Market, I noticed the above sign.  OH the things I would do to be an approved visitor or employee of Food Network!!!

At end of Chelsea Market are two little bakery gems, the first being Fat Witch Bakery.  They let you sample some of their brownies (oops, I mean witches.  They call their brownies “witches,)” and in this case it was Walnut.  I wasn’t all that impressed with the Walnut, though I know that these brownies are good, because my dad orders a ton of them every Christmas.

The other bakery is Eleni’s and I did not try any of their cupcakes (I had already eaten a Crumbs cupcake), but everything inside was beautifully decorated.  They are known for their hand painted cookies.

Those were the most noteworthy places in Chelsea Market, though there are many more stores in there than the ones I took you to.  Goodbye for now, Chelsea Market.  I will be returning VERY soon, with an empty belly, and more money.  Thanks for reading!  That’s it for my New York posts.  Just couldn’t help but share Gramercy Tavern and Chelsea Market.  Have a lovely day.