Cappuccino Time #2 + Baby On Board!

Hello, friends! For a Monday, today has been a great, joyous day. Part of it may be from the delight of all the creative Halloween costumes I saw over the weekend, part of it might be from the extra hour of sleep we got yesterday, and part of it might be the fact that Thanksgiving and the holidays are ahead, and my fridge is full of wonderful soups and squash.

But mostly, today was a joyous Monday because I finally shared something very, very happy with all my friends…


I’m pregnant! My husband Pete and I are so excited to share that we are having a baby, due on April 1, 2016 (and no, that’s not an early April Fool’s Day joke).

I’m 18.5 weeks along right now, so I’m nearing the halfway point of my pregnancy journey. Overall, it has been a great pregnancy so far. The first trimester was difficult, as it is for most, but I’m feeling much better these days, and I’ve been through so much worse and then again. Hopefully for the rest of the pregnancy I can steer clear from the intense nausea and exhaustion that sometimes took hold of me in the first trimester, but overall, I’m grateful for how well my body is doing and I’m in cheery spirits!

Pete and I don’t know the gender yet, but we get to find out on Friday! I will follow up with a post this weekend to reveal the gender, and I’ll also talk a little bit more about the pregnancy then, in a separate post. For now, we are giddy giggly excited, which you can catch a glimpse of on the Youtube announcement video Pete and I filmed.

I had a lot of fun a couple weeks ago sharing my Cappuccino #1 post with you all. I love to save the cool links I find from all around the internet and share them. Here’s a new set of things I found interesting, inspiring, noteworthy, etc.

This collection of photographs is absolutely spectacular. True art. Wow.

This Column Is Gluten-Free. I found this NYTimes article to be very thought-provoking. I am fortunate to not have any life-threatening food allergies (for now…I did develop an allergy to raw pineapple a year ago), but I know some people state some of their dislikes or food preferences as allergies, and I think that has caused a lot of problems for the people who really do have serious allergies.

-I recently did an interview talking about cooking and living in a small NYC space. While I make do just fine with this living arrangement, I do catch myself dreaming from time to time of a custom, spacious kitchen.

-This article Everything Doesn’t Happen For a Reason has been blowing up around the internet, and for good reason. I agree with the general message, very much.

-I think it’s so fun to find out where chefs eat when they want to go out. I interviewed three renowned chefs and asked them where they like to eat on their time off.

-I’ve been binge-watching a TON of videos from a Youtube Channel called CrashCourse, and was fascinated by this video on Blood and this one on Black Holes. They have nearly 500 videos that each focus on serving as a “Crash course” in learning a specific topic.

-I always have a list going of the recipes I want to make for myself, the recipes I want to make for the blog, and recipes I want to make from other blogs. I’m SO making this Bee Sting Cake soon, and I also want to try this 4-hour baguette. I’ve made baguette at home before and wasn’t pleased with the results, so we’ll see how this one goes.

Alright, that’s it for today! I’ll be back tomorrow with a great Make-ahead and Freeze Breakfast Sandwiches post, and the gender reveal later this week.

xo Joanne