Black and White Cookies

Black and White Cookies Recipe

Black & White Cookies: The cookie invented by indecisive people for other indecisive people.

These cookies make me laugh because I can totally picture how they were created. Someone indecisive, a person I’m probably distantly related to, clearly couldn’t decide between chocolate and vanilla.

Black and White Cookies Recipe

“Chocolate … or vanilla … um … erm … well … BOTH, PLEASE!”

That’s my kind of cookie! The one where you don’t even have to choose.

Black & White Cookies are a soft, cakey cookie that clearly have vanilla and chocolate flavors on top, but they have a subtle lemon flavor and aroma to them as well. It’s actually something I never noticed for years, until I started making them at home. I remember looking at the recipe and being confused by the lemon extract, and a quick internet search confirmed that lemon is indeed part of the black & white cookie experience. It’s subtle in the most perfect way.

Click here to get the recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s site.