Baby James @ 6 Weeks


Hi friends,

What a whirlwind the past several weeks have been! Thanks so much for all of your incredibly kind comments and congratulations after announcing the arrival of Baby James. Sharing my story with you multiplied my own joy tenfold, and I realized that that is precisely what it so amazing about sharing with each other and about friends and community. So with that said, thank you for celebrating with me.

Before I share my update and photos of James, I am happy to say I will be resuming recipe posts tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it!


James is now 6 weeks old, and our time with him so far has been “all of the things” as they say. So much joy, love, and laughter, but everyone knows there is also total exhaustion and at times, frustration. I do have to say, I expected this newborn time to be tiring, but holy moly, it has been a LOT more intense than I anticipated! I laugh when I think back to when people asked me before James was born, how long I’d be taking time off from the blog. I remember saying that I’d probably take two weeks off….


So funny. Anyone who’s had a baby understands why I think that’s so darned hilarious. The whole first two weeks of life with James, Pete and I didn’t know what day it was, and when we went out on short walks in New York, strangers would say to us completely out of the blue “it gets better.” HAHA! We must have looked tired.


Though I have no other babies to compare him to, James is a happy and pleasant baby, and generally doesn’t cry a lot (or at least not for very long). He is such a joy to cuddle with, to feed, to read bedtime stories to (I know he’s young, but we swear he knows something is going on when we read to him!), to play with him. Gosh, we just love it. The only tough thing about James right now is he’s not a good sleeper, even by newborn standards from what I can tell. We have tried SO many things to try to get him to sleep longer, but he still is up for much of the night. My friend had a baby two weeks before me and said her boy sleeps from 11-7, which has me thinking, I wish!!! I dream of that happening some day. Staying up with James for most of the night is what has really been wearing on Pete and I, so once he starts sleeping better, things should really improve. And it can’t hurt to try more tactics, so if you have any sleep suggestions that you’ve tried or heard of, I’m all ears.


It is INCREDIBLE how animated James is, and Pete and I absolutely adore all his facial expressions and noises. I know it’s greatly influenced by the fact that he’s our son, but he makes us laugh and laugh and laugh. It’s such a blast. He truly lights up our world.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about James over the past 6 weeks is how much he has changed. His personality has blossomed several times, and he already looks so different too! It is surreal to look back at older photos of James, like this:


He was so much littler! Now he’s gaining good weight (and in doing so, thrilling our pediatrician), and has got his chubby baby cheeks thing going on. And he’s getting so strong!

People keep asking me what my favorite thing is about being parents, so far…and I have to say, it’s all the snuggles, kisses, and closeness. When it comes to the hugs and kisses, I can’t help myself. They are the best.


Or maybe the best part is getting to see how James changes as he grows. I mean, it’s incredible to even fathom that someday this guy will talk…and walk…and well, that he’ll be an adult someday. How do you get over that?? It’s incredible to think about.


This story is (always) to be continued! And that’s a whole lot of fun. See you tomorrow with some new food!


Joanne, Pete, and James